Play Andar Bahar Online With 10Cric Casino

Online Andar Bahar has become quite an attraction for punters across the world. The card game is not difficult to grasp when you’re first starting out. Indian players are keen on placing their wagers through the game, as the 10Cric casino offers them great advantages.

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When you play Andar Bahar online, it’s quite similar to having gone to an actual casino. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how the game is supposed to be played. We’ll also discuss the 10cric Andar bahar options you have as an Indian punter. Let’s explain some basics of the Andar bahar online cash game:

Andar Bahar Online - Game Objective

Andar Bahar online is quite a popular card game that originated in India not so long ago. Andar Bahar is still a newer game when compared to other famous card games like blackjack and teen Patti. All you need to play the game is a deck of cards and a gaming table. 

Andar Bahar online transitioned itself for the online audience when playing card games online became popular among worldwide punters. It is a truly portable game that can be played on a PC or smartphone as well. The objective of the game is for its players to enjoy the outcomes that rely mostly on luck and sometimes on strategic moves as well. 

10cric andar bahar

How to play Andar Bahar - Rules and Terms

Andar Bahar online is a fairly simple game for those who are familiar with other card games. However, for a beginner, it can be a little confusing at first. Once you familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, it becomes quite easy. Andar stands for the left side whereas Bahar stands for the right side. The basic rules to play Andar Bahar online are as follows:

  • The pack of cards is shuffled and cut to reveal a card that can be seen by all the players.
  • The players then place a bet on whether a card having the same face value will appear in Andar or Bahar. 
  • After the bets are placed, cards are dealt with their Andar and Bahar betting spots. If the first card is a club or spades, dealing starts from the left side. If it is a heart or diamonds, dealing will start from the right side.
  • The cards are then dealt with their betting spots alternatively. 
  • The round ends if the player gets an identical card to either of the betting spots. 
  • If the player makes a bet on the correct spot, he/she wins. If not, you lose your bet to the dealer.  

Andar Bahar side bets

Some Andar bahar online games offer additional side bets to be placed by the player. In these offered side bets, a player can place a bet against the card cut by the dealer. These side bets can also be used to make a calculated move on the lead cards. To make such side bets, websites generally provide instructions for players prompted on their screens. 

Andar bahar betting strategy.

Andar Bahar online is quite a fast-paced game. Unlike other card games, the outcome of the card chosen by the player largely depends on the player’s luck. To gain more knowledge of the outcomes of the game, we recommend the players enjoy playing the game numerous times before betting real money on it. 

Once the player gets the hang of it, it might increase the chances of winning an Andar bahar online game. However, there is no such strategy that can help you become a master in the game. It’s highly recommended to play as much as you can so you may hone your skills and strategy.

10cric Andar Bahar - Games You Will Find at 10Cric Casino

10cric Andar Bahar - Games You Will Find at 10Cric Casino

One of the great things about going for the 10cric Andar bahar is the diversity they offer on their website. As we explained earlier, the game emerged in India many years ago. As players are always innovative, different variations were created over the years.

Playing Andar bahar online offers you the ability to choose from a wide range of variations, and play all of those in the same place. All games are of the highest standards and their quality cannot be paralleled at any other casino.

Classic Andar Bahar

You enjoy playing the classic Andar bahar that you love and cherish on 10cric. It follows the same rules as we have explained earlier. This one is the video game version. You’d be basically playing against the computer system. No live dealer or live players will be matched in your game.

This one is more recommended for new players still figuring out the game. You don’t want to go for something advanced when you’re still trying to understand how everything works. The game is colorful and highly enjoyable to play.

Live Andar Bahar

Another thing you can go for is the live Andar bahar option. Through this one, you’ll play along a live dealer in real-time. You get to see them seated at the table, and they will place your bets in accordance with your choice.

Some Indian punters prefer to go for this version, as it lends them an experience they would only get if they were to visit a casino establishment. You can now save yourself the hassle and play it live through the 10cric website.

Other Andar Bahar Versions you can play at 10Cric Casino

As we mentioned, 10cric Andar bahar has different versions for players to try out. Aside from the ones we mentioned already, you can go for speed Andar bahar. It can be played both live and as a video game. You’ll also find K2 Andar bahar integrated on the website. It’s your pick to go for whichever version feels more comfortable for you. It’s nice to experiment and try out different things on the games you enjoy the most.

Payouts and Table Limits at 10cric Casino

Payouts and Table Limits at 10cric Casino

Through 10cric Andar bahar, there are some limits on the bets you make. These will show depending on the table you choose. The lowest amount you may wager is ₹250. Another thing to note is the payout limit. Whenever you win on the Andar side, you get 90% of your rewards. However, if you win on the Bahar side, you usually receive 100% of your earnings. These are configured by the casino itself, and your rewards would be credited to your account once the game is done.

10cric Andar Bahar Bonus

When you first sign up with 10cric Casino, you can claim a match deposit bonus of up to ₹10,000 in bonus money that you can use to play Andar bahar. It’s a great way to start out your journey on the platform. You may claim the offer with the code WELCOME.

And if you prefer the Andar bahar live casino, you can easily do so through the Live Casino bonus. It grants you a whopping 150% on your first deposit, up to ₹20,000 in bonus money. It’s an incredibly large sum to have when playing a live Andar bahar game.

Final Thoughts - Why Play Andar Bahar Online?

Playing 10Cric Andar Bahar is a marvelous experience that you don’t want to miss out on as an Indian punter. It doesn’t matter which variation of the game is your favorite, they’re all provided on the website. Aside from this, you can claim incredible bonuses to go along with your Andar bahar online plays.

If you appreciate the card game and haven’t tried this provider before, we’d highly recommend it. It’s honestly the best among all of those operating in the region. Go ahead and create your new account today, you won’t regret it.