Guide to Playing Online Poker at 10cric Casino

Since poker was introduced on online platforms, the game’s popularity has rapidly grown around the world, thanks to its increased accessibility. Online poker is popular on some of the best online poker sites and has become a fan favorite for most casino players globally, more so in India. Every year the game gains millions of players as the internet continues to spread all over the world.

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Online poker gives you the thrills and entertainment you would want when gambling and, more importantly, the opportunity to play real money poker and win big. If you are new or a beginner, you can play some free online poker to learn the game rules and sharpen your skills before you play poker online for real money.

Online Poker - Objective of the Game

Just like any other casino game, the objective is to emerge as the winner and get a good payout from the game. Online poker is not that different; your main aim is to capture the pot, which carries the bets made by various participants. When playing a poker game, you wager a bet with the hopes of having the best hand or giving the impression that you hold a strong hand. This convinces the other players to fold their hands and leave you as the winner. The most important thing for anyone aspiring to become a great poker player is understanding the rules as they will help you know when to bet and when to fold a losing hand.

This guide will help you understand the basic poker rules, the game’s betting limits, and the game’s different variations.

10cric poker

Basic Poker Rules

Playing a poker game is not that difficult even as a beginner since all you have to do is understand the basic rules that will guide you through the game. The rules are not that hard to get, mostly the basics, which apply in all poker variations. You should know that the cards are ranked from high to low, but the ace can either be classified as high or low. Know about the suits even though all the suits are equal. In a game, all poker hands have 5 cards, and the one that wins is the highest hand.

Hand Rankings in Online Poker

Online poker has different poker hand rankings that determine wins. As a player, you should memorize these hand rankings as you will need them to determine what ranking beats the other when playing. There are many hand rankings in poker and here are just a few of them, starting with the best, that is, the Royal flush. The other rankings are; the straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, one pair, and the high card.

Poker Games Betting Limits

There are different betting limits for various poker games. Many variations have lower limits to accommodate players who can’t stake or wager higher amounts of money. In other words, there is always something that favors your financial status. On the other hand, there are those with very high betting limits to attract high ballers. Most online betting sites have high-limit games on their VIP poker tables. Below is an explanation of the different betting limits in poker games.


This is very popular in most types of poker games. Here there is no limit to the bet’s size, and raises in a game are unlimited. You can wager or raise as much as you want so long as you meet the blinds set. In no-limit, the maximum allowable wager is limited to the number of chips one has at hand. No limit encourages the strategy of brute force among players as there are no restrictions on bet limits.


In fixed-limit poker games, the amount you can wager or raise in a round is already predetermined, and you cannot go above the set amount. Also, there is a limit set on the number of bets and raises you can make per round. Games with fixed limits are becoming less popular as more people love to play games with no limits. The fixed-limit game is much safer as you can lose very little if you make a mistake in the play.


Pot limit poker is a mixture of no-limit and fixed-limit games. Here you can bet or raise up to the pot’s size at any point of the game. The pot limit also increases as the game continues or as you get a few streaks into the game. When the pot gets big enough, you can decide to go all-in if it favors your chances of winning big.

10cric poker

Popular Variations of Online Poker

Online poker provides different variations with different rules, though not that different. These variations make online poker more fun as you are not stuck playing one type of game all the time. It is okay to play or learn the common No-Limit Texas Hold ’em variation. But to increase the fun and play more like a professional it is good to know and try the different popular variations like Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and the rest of the more popular variations.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem poker online is probably the most popular variation of the poker game. It is the most played variant in online poker tournaments and other star-studded world tournaments. The no-limit game is straightforward to master and play even if you are not a professional. But there is also the fixed limit, pot limit, and mixed Texas Hold ‘em, which are not that common. To win in a round of Texas Hold ’em, each player seeks to have the best poker hand combination with 5 cards from the 7 provided.


This is the second most popular variation of poker. This version is almost similar to Texas Hold ’em but with a few tweaks on the rules. In this version, players are dealt with 4-hole cards, and a total of 5 community cards are revealed. To win in Omaha, you must get your best 5-card hand from 2 of your hole cards and 3 of the common.

7-Card Stud

This is another version of poker that was very popular before the emergence of Texas Hold ’em. This version of poker is much different from the others as you are dealt with 7 cards. Three of the cards face down while 4 face upwards for the opponents to see. To win a round, you are required to make the best 5-card hand from the 7 given. This version is easy to learn since all you need is to create the best 5 card hand.

10cric Poker Offers Incredible Variety

10cric Poker Offers Incredible Variety

10cric casino is one of the fastest growing online casino sites in India. When it comes to the variety of games it offers, the 10cric casino poker has more than most other online casinos. You can find some of the most popular types like Texas Hold ’em, and Triple Card Poker, among others. Variety is not the only thing that you will find in 10cric poker, but the game’s quality is also great, and the site is easy to get around. All this is made possible by incorporating some of the best game developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. These top developers provide some of the best online poker games in terms of graphics and audio, plus gameplay’s smoothness.

Triple Card Poker

Triple card poker is a unique kind of 10Cric poker that does not involve playing against opponents or other players. Instead, this is a popular table game where one plays against the dealer or the house. This is what makes it unique when compared to the other variations of poker. Unlike the other poker games, to win a triple card poker game, you need to have the best 3-card poker hand to beat the house.

Casino Hold’ em

This is another unique variant of the poker game that you can find in the 10crick Casino. It is just the same as standard Texas Hold’em and follows the same rules, but instead of playing against other players, you wager against the casino. It is an excellent game to play if you are new to poker. The objective of playing Casino Hold ’em is to get the best 5-card poker hand against the house.

Joker Poker

Also known as Joker Wild, it is a variant of poker that is the most unique and different from other poker games as it is a form of video poker. The poker game is designed based on slot machines; thus, you don’t play using actual poker cards. In this game, you don’t play against anybody, and the objective is to obtain or get the best 5-card hand. The joker in Joker Poker is a wild card, and getting it will increase your opportunities of winning a poker hand.

Other Popular Poker Games at 10cric Casino

Other than the popular and most common 10cric poker games found in the 10Cric poker section, there are many other poker games offered to increase the fun of playing the game. The different variations of 10cric poker ensure that all customers get to play games that they want other than the normal popular ones. In addition to the popular games, the 10Cric Poker section has other poker variations such as 5-Card Draw, Follow The Queen, High/Low Chicago, 7-Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, and many other interesting 10Cric poker games.

Play Online Poker at 10cric Casino

Playing poker online comes with a lot of advantages. With online poker becoming more popular and without any geographical restrictions, you can access very many poker rooms with both new and experienced players. Also, playing online is very easy and simple since all you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone or computer. You don’t have to go to a physical casino to enjoy your favorite poker game as you can play poker online for real money. Online casinos also have a wider variety of poker games than physical casinos.