Play Teen Patti Online at 10Cric Casino

Playing Teen Patti online has been a favorite choice of many Indian gamblers for years. Teen Patti poker is considered a tradition, in a way, that goes deep in the roots of the country. Online websites, like 10cric Teen Patti, allowed players to enjoy the game they love in a more accessible way. Aside from this, the website provides its players with tons of offers that they can benefit from and use on the Teen Patti casino.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the different rules you have to know in order to start playing Teen Patti successfully. We’ll also view the different options you have at 10Cric casino.

Teen Patti Online - Objective of the Game

As we explained earlier, Teen Patti online is an extremely popular card game that originated in India and is quite popular across the whole country. It is a simplified version of 3 card poker enjoyed globally.  The main objective of the game is to have the highest cards’ value in order to win.

Some could say that Teen Patti is quite similar to poker, but it’s easier to get into. Let’s discuss some of the basic rules you’ll find in Indian poker Teen Patti:

How to play Teen Patti - Rules and Terms

The famous card game Teen Patti is played between 3 to 6 players. All you need is a deck of cards and a table and you’re good to go. The deck of cards used in Teen Patti online doesn’t include jokers. The game starts off by distributing 3 cards face downwards to each player. After the distribution of cards, a fixed amount of money is contributed by every player in the game. This money goes to the winner at the end of the game.

In order to win a game of Teen Patti online, you must have the highest three cards among all players. However, it’s not that simple. Once the initial three cards have been distributed, it is up to the player to make a call or a raise.

10Cric teen patti

Teen Patti Hands

  • Trial- Trial refers to three cards that are of the same rank. Here, 3 aces are the highest.
  • Straight Flush- It refers to the 3 consecutive cards a player has, from the same unit.
  • Run- Run stands for having 3 consecutive cards that are not from the same unit.
  • Colour- It is the availability of 3 cards from the same unit that are not in sequential order.
  • Pair- A pair refers to a situation where the player has 2 cards of the same rank along with a third card that is different from the other two. This pair may or may not be from the same unit.
  • High card- High card stands for a situation where the player has 3 totally different cards that are not even from the same unit.

Player’s options in Teen Patti Online

  • Call- If the player makes a call, it shows that he/she is willing to continue playing the game and won’t raise their bets.
  • Raise- If the player decides to raise, it shows that the player will add more cash to the pile to risk their money in order to win more than the first bet.
  • Pot- Pot usually refers to the pile of cash that accumulates over a period of time while playing the game.
  • Ante- it stands for the initial amount of money every player has to contribute by the start of the game.
  • Fold- Fold is a term generally used by players who decide to remove themselves from the game.
  • Sideshow- It is a side bet where two players show their cards to each other. The player having better cards stays in the game while the other player folds.
10Cric teen patti

10cric Teen Patti - Games You Will Find at 10Cric Casino

If you’ve decided to play 10cric Teen Patti, you’re in for a real treat. This Teen Patti casino has so much to unravel. You’ll find that the website has more than one version for your beloved game. Gamblers find that quite helpful, as to not get bored playing the same game over and over again.

Aside from this, the quality of each version you’ll find is rather phenomenal. This provider has partnered up with the best developers known in the industry. Let’s dive right in and explain the various options you’ll find:

Teen Patti Pro

10cric Teen Patti offers you different options, one of which is Teen Patti pro. Through this version, you can place multiple bets and aim for bigger chips. When you hover over to the casino category on the website, you’ll find a variety of options for Teen Patti online.

A lot of Indian customers have said that playing Teen Patti pro is a lot more enjoyable than going for the classic versions. You can go ahead and test it yourself on the official website.

Teen Patti Rapid

This version is known to be a lot quicker than the regular Teen Patti online. You can use a button to resubmit the same bet with the same size or multiply it with each new bet. If you’re experienced with Teen Patti online, this version will most definitely suit you well. Aside from the mechanics of the game itself, the quality of the software is flawless to help you lead a seamless experience throughout your wagers. But don’t take our word for it, you can start playing rapid in just a couple of minutes!

Teen Patti Live

If you’d like to play Teen Patti online, there’s a live version that can be found through the 10cric Teen Patti options. If you opt-in for this one, you’ll get a live dealer to conduct the game in real time. You’ll see them seated at the table; you’ll be able to interact with them, and they’ll respond to your choices in order to place your moves. Some Indian punters prefer this one to play any other regular Teen Patti online variation.

Software Providers

Software Providers

The software providers behind the 10cric Teen Patti games are some of the best developers you can find in the gambling industry. You’ll find Teen Patti online games provided by Netent and Evolution Gaming. If you’ve tried playing online before, you’ve probably stumbled upon these creators before. Their games are fair, fun to play, and 100% secure to put your real money through. You will never encounter an issue while playing these Teen Patti online games. They’ve been creating games for years now and have mastered the art and formula of making something both attractive and functional.

10cricTeen Patti Bonus

If you’ve decided to try out some Teen Patti online games, there are some offers that you can claim. For starters, the casino welcome pack on 10cric Teen Patti will give you up to ₹70,000 on your first three deposits. You have to use a different code provided on the 10Cric site for each of the three deposits to claim the bonus funds.

Aside from this, there’s the live casino bonus. You get 150% of your deposit which goes up to ₹20,000. Use the code CRICLIVE when making your first deposit. Both offers can be claimed simultaneously.

Final Thoughts - Why Play Teen Patti Online?

As we have discussed so far, Teen Patti online is one of the most enjoyable gambling games you can go for. When playing through the 10cric Teen Patti website, you’re offered a variety of options and features to enjoy. The game itself is really fun to play and is not hard to grasp if you’re a new player.

Playing Teen Patti online will save you the physical effort of going to a casino establishment. But it will also lend you the privilege of claiming incredible offers that might result in earnings if you manage to win. We’d most definitely recommend going for 10Cric to enjoy your Teen Patti online activities.