Play Andar Bahar Online in the Best Indian Casinos

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular Indian online casino games. Casinos offer it in free and paid versions. Players enjoy table and live version of the game provided by various casinos but with similar game play.

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Andar Bahar Rules

Andar Bahar is a card game played with a single deck of cards. It is a mix of skill and that of luck. However, it is more of a game of luck. Your objective as the player is to determine which of the cards among the ones placed facing down matches the card that was initially placed facing up. Here are other rules of the title:

• You place either of the two types of bets: Bahar and Andar

• Before the first card is dealt, side bets are made on what would be the suit or rank of the first card

• The first card is dealt at the middle of the table. Side bets are then adjudicated at this point. This first card is always referred to as the joker although it can be of any value

• Players are then asked to bet on Bahar or Adar. There can be additional side bets, such as the number of cards to be dealt.

• After the bets are placed, the dealer deals cards one after the other until he finds a card that matches the middle card

• If there is an odd number of cards that are dealt until the dealer finds the matching card, Andar bet will win the round. The payment is about 0.9 to 1

• If an even number of cards are dealt until the matching card, Bahar bets will win the round with a similar payout as Andar bet.

• After matching cards, any side bets are adjudicated, for example, if there were side bets based on the number of cards that will be dealt. There is a table showing payouts dependent on the type of bets.

andar bahar

Andar Bahar Strategies & Tips on How to Win

You have to predict how many cards will be dealt before the game starts if you are taking a side bet. However, predicting the number of cards is not as straightforward as it may sound. It could be the first card after the middle card is shown or the thirtieth card. Here are tips to consider when playing Andar Bahar:

  • In the remaining 51 cards, there can only be three sets of matching cards
  • After each card is dealt, the chances of a duplicate being dealt goes up. Therefore, the more the cards dealt, the higher the probability that the next card will be a match.

With these two points in mind, you have a better chance of hitting the pot than betting on mid-ranges. For example, numbers 26-30 have an average return of 15:1 as compared to 11-15 that has an average return of 5.5:1.

Place Smart Bets

It is said that any of the two bets have a winning chance of 50:50. However, in the progression of games, Adhar gets 51.1% of a win andBahar 48.9%. Most Andar Bahar players go for Andar to take advantage of the higher chance to turn in a win. On the other hand, the side that receives the first card gets a slightly higher chance of winning compared to the other side.

Familiarise Yourself with Various Variations

There are various variations of the Andar Baahar, especially in the Live Andar Bahar. While they share the traditional objective, you may find some with additional features, bets, and side bets. Therefore, it is essential to familiarise yourself with any variant before placing your cash on the table. Read the rules of the table as well as the table limits so that you are sure you can play the variant.

Manage your Bankroll

Self-discipline is as good as knowing the rules. Given that the Andar Bahar casino game is easy to play, there is a chance that many players may get overboard in their betting and end up overspending. Most rounds are fast and players are required to make quick stakes. Therefore, it is important to set a budget and minimum bet size beforehand so that you know when to stop.

andar bahar casino

Practice – Andar Bahar Demo & Free Games

One of the ways you can get acquainted with the gameplay is by practicing it free before you place your wager on it. You also learn how to play Andar Bahar. All you need is to visit an Andar Bahar casino that offers a demo mode and try it free. With the free mode, you can try various strategies and bet amounts and see the outcome without risking a coin while at it. Many platforms have more than one variant in the table section. It is good that you try more than one variant so that you are familiar with various variations of the classic version.

While you will not get a demo on the live casino, you will play similar demo games in the table games section. Therefore, you can create and implement various strategies there and then carry them to the live section for actual wagering. Most platforms do not even require you to sign up for you to get the free games. You just scroll the games section and play Andar Bahar on the go.

Variants of Andar Bahar

There are various variants of the Andar Bahar casino game offered by several software providers. Some of the variants include the following:

Multiplayer Andar Bahar

This variant allows multiple players to join in and play together. It also allows you to interact with the players in the course of playing. This variant is available as a live dealer table or as an online version.

Video Adah Bahar

This is the most popular version of the title. You may find one with 2D or 3D graphics. Some software providers have added features and bet types. Therefore, you are likely to find a few changes, depending on the software provider that you are looking at.

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Live Andar Bahar

Any of the versions in the table games sections can also be played as live dealer Andar Bahar. Each live section has rules similar to the corresponding video Adah Bahar version in table games sections. It allows you to interact with the players and cards are dealt by real human dealers. Most of the live Adah Bahar versions can be played across various devices.

Live Dealer V Online Casino

Players can either try the online casino Andar Bahar or live dealer version of the game. When you opt for the online version, cards are issued by a Random Number Generator that ensures randomness and fairness. Hover, if you pick the live casino version, cards are dealt by a real human dealer.

While none of them offers real advantages in terms of higher chances of winning, the live version gives you a feel of the land-based casino where you interact with other players and a human dealer. You can even compete with friends on a table.

Where to Play and Why - The Best Online Casinos


10Cric is one of the new casinos that are offering the game. It is known for a huge welcome bonus and other bonuses, some of which you can use in AdharBahar. The casino was founded in 2017 and has a license from Curacao Gaming Authority. You can play in the table or live dealer mode.

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22Bet was founded in 207 by TechSolution Group N.V. It has licenses from the UK and Curacao gambling authorities. It allows you to play this game either in a demo mode or for real money. You can also play the game on its mobile platform.


Dafabet is owned by Asian BGE Ltd and has been in operation since 2004. It offers India-specific bonuses, some of which you can use to play Adhar Bahar. It also has an easy to navigate the site and many games should you want to try other categories.


Betwinner is operated by Marikit Holdings Ltd. It is licensed by Curacao Gambling Authority and has been in operation since 2018. As an Indian customer, you will enjoy various promotions and can make deposits in Indian currency. The game is available on both the table casino section and the live dealer tables.


1Xbet is a leading international casino that is licensed in Curacao. It has a reputation for offering various bonuses to new and existing customers. You can take part in Adar Bahar in the table section or their well-designed mobile casino. 1xbet accepts Indian Rupees.

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Andar Bahar is an exciting game that originated from India. You can play online in any of the casinos offering it in India. The online version ensures fairness and allows you to use real or no cash. There are also various versions, each with its unique features, which adds to the fun. You also get a chance to boost your earnings using any of the many bonuses that are offered by several casinos. Try the game, have fun and make some money while at it.


Here are some solutions to common issues and questions asked by AdharBahar players.

⚖️ Is Playing Andar Bahar Online Legal In India?

Yes, it is legal to play online. There is a grey area when it comes to gambling online in India. This means you cannot be prosecuted for making bets online.

🃏 What are Side bets?

Side bets are additional wagers, which you place at the beginning of a playing round. Side bets have different payouts than the main bet.

📱 Can I Partake in AndarBahar on My Mobile?

Yes. You can take part in the game on your mobile phone. The title is available on the app and the web-based platform.

♣️ Can you cheat in Andar Bahar?

No. Casino Andar Bahar is controlled by a random number generator that ensures that cards cannot be predicted. This makes it impossible to cheat.

♠️ Can you play this game for free?

Yes. Casinos allow you to do so in the table games section. Check with your gambling platform for demo games.