Baccarat Online – Your Guide To This Classic Game

Baccarat online is a high stake online casino game that’s very popular not only in India but also across the globe.

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Baccarat is believed to have originated from either France or Italy. There are three versions of the game, Punto Banco (mini-baccarat), baccarat banque, and baccarat chemin de fer. Punto banco is popular with online casinos where participants are allowed to play with free credit or for fun.

Baccarat Online Rules

The game can be played at conventional or online casinos. In the latter, the rules are well placed to entice amateur and novice players. Once the learners are confident enough they can play with real money.

In essence, a game of baccarat online only involves one player. Unlike in blackjack, though, the player does not bet against the dealer. Nevertheless, the dealer is present and he deals the card to the participant. The game is between two hands namely “the banker” and the player. The player places a bet on the possibility of the hand with the highest score between the two hands. Additionally, the player can bet on a tie meaning there are three possible conclusions: win for either bets or a tie.

Card values

The rules of the game in real money are that a player sums up the value of the cards they’ve been dealt with. Technically, the sum should lie between 0 and 9, which adds a twist when the sum is more than 9. In such a case, where the total is more than 9, the player minuses 10. The ace has a value of 1, while the queen, king, jack and 10 have a value of 0. Numbers 2 to 9 are counted as per the face value.

When the score lies between 0 and 5 in the first hand, the player is dealt a third card, if that’s not the case, they stand. Similarly, the banker follows the same rules.

There are rules that a bank follows when the player is dealt with a 3rd card. If the sum is 2 or less, then they draw a card without consideration of the player’s 3rd card. However, if it’s a 3 then the banker is allowed to pick a third card if the player’s total wasn’t an 8.

In case the banker sum is a 4, they pick a third card if the player has a total sum between 2 and 7. In case the banker sum is a 5, they pick a third card if the player has a total sum between 4 and 7. In case the banker sum is a 6, they pick a third card if a player has a total sum of 6 or 7. If they get a sum of 7, they stand.

Baccarat Online


Baccarat online is one of the best casino games with a high payout while playing with real money. This game has 98.24% RTP. Bankers bets have an odd of 19 to 20 while the player odds are pegged on winning a similar amount with what they bet. On the other hand, a tie works on odds of 9:1.

Player Hand

This bet is made on the premise that the player will end up with a bet closest to 9. The odds in this bet are even, and a player will make a similar amount to what they had bet. The house edge is about 1.24% depending on the casino. If the player’s hand supersedes the dealer’s hand at the end of the game then the player wins that round. The player’s bet has an advantage in that the player is not charged a commission even after winning the bet.

Bank Hand

This is regarded as the best bet to place because of its lower house edge compared to the player’s and tie bet. It has a 1.01% house edge. However, a win in a card game banker-bet is accompanied by a standard 5% commission charged on the winnings. The banker bet is betting on the player’s possibility of getting closest to a 9. Therefore, if the banker’s hand is greater than the players, the player wins that round. 

A Tie

The tie is regarded as a not so lucrative bet because it has the highest house edge of about 15.75%. Typically, players are advised to ignore this bet because quite frankly it is the worst.

Baccarat Online House Edge

By definition, this is an arithmetic formula used by casinos to calculate the advantage they have on players. In the long run, this advantage helps the casino to recuperate its investments through some of the losses players make while betting.

The banker’s hand has the lowest house edge in baccarat online at 1.01%. On the other hand, the tie bet has the highest with 15.75%, the players have the second highest with a 1.24 percentage point.

Baccarat Online

Practice – Baccarat Online Demo and Free Games

Beginners get an opportunity to practice through online casinos before they can advance to live baccarat. During practice, they get free demos and free games and there is no use of real money. In place of real money is fake money or mock credit. The learner gets in touch with the rules and regulations of baccarat while playing online. In addition, the free demo is designed as a complete replica of the original game including the rates used to calculate the real online casino game payouts.

All online betting sites offering live baccarat are required to comply with this rule, none in the networks of online casino sites is an exception. As a rule of thumb, all new players should hone their skills on the demos before they play online. Alternatively, some online betting sites offer no deposit bonus every time a new client signs up. A player can sign up and utilize the opportunity as a training ground before placing real money bets online.

Once a baccarat player has learned all the rules and regulations, understood all the strategies and tricks they may play online with real money. There is a myriad of sites where a gambler can easily play baccarat games online.

Baccarat Online Strategies

First and foremost, baccarat online is a game of chance. Myth abounds on how a player can rely on well-studied patterns to win in baccarat games online. Conversely, these patterns might not be successful as in other card games online. In baccarat online, a successful streak might not necessarily lead to more wins in subsequent online casino games. Occasionally, novice players are tempted or eventually base their plays on a pattern leading to major losses. This is better understood in the example of coin flips. Just because the coin landed on the tails 6 times isn’t a predictor of the next possible landing. It can only be left to chance.

In different circles, some experts advise on the use of systems by examining the game history. This will also bear minimum fruits if none at all. That said, the following are great strategies players can follow to win more bets.

Since online baccarat games are dependent on luck, counting cards might prove successful as in most games. Not many players have achieved much success through counting cards. Ideally, they should focus on the game at hand. Additionally, the player will have a better chance of winning more bets by choosing a game with fewer decks.

To increase the odds on the house edge, the player might as well search for sites that charge less than 5% commission.

The player should manage money properly. Divide the money into amounts for betting each round. Every time the player wins, it’s advisable to set aside a portion of the winnings. There is no doubt that banker-bet is the best in online baccarat games. Strategize your betting to avoid losing all the money in the first plays. Lastly, the player should only bet the amount of money they can afford. If they go above and beyond their means, it will cost them in the long run.

Online Baccarat

Variants Of This Classic Casino Game

The baccarat game has evolved from the original game believed to have been first played in the 15th century, and popularized in 18th century France. Generally, the game is regarded as an import in most countries. In an attempt to customize the game there has been the creation of three major variants including punto banco, chemin de fee, and Baccarat Banque. Punto banco is a popular game with most casinos but the Chemin de fer is more popular in France.

Punto Banco

Much of the content shared in this article has been describing this variant of the classic card game. The name of the game translates to players (punto) and bankers (banco). In some territories, it is referred to as mini-baccarat. This version was developed in Cuba in the 1950s. The land-based casino game involves up to 14 players. It is the most popular version of the game. Interestingly, this is the version of the game that relies heavily on luck rather than wits and strategy. Typically, the games have one dealer who shuffles all 6 to 8 decks of cards. The game is determined by a set of set rules and regulations in both the land-based and online casinos.

There is a designated smaller version of the punto banco game referred to as the mini-baccarat. This game can be played by one person. However, the rules of the games remain the same. It’s good to mention that this game is frequently played by gamblers regarded as high rollers especially in land-based casinos. These are players who generally place very high bets

The Punto banco has the following versions of the game as well.

  • Mini Baccarat
  • Ez Baccarat
  • Super 6/Punto 200

Chemin De Fer

This is the French version of the game. Unlike the punto banco, the Chemin der Fer players have a more active role. The dealer only shuffles the cards while the player acting as the banker in that round distributes the cards (players take turns as the banker). The other difference between this variant of the game with the Punto Banco is that cards are distributed face down. Furthermore, the player gets to decide when to draw the third card.

The player who makes the biggest bet gets to start first while others follow. Chemin De Fer version of the game popularity is at a minimum in both the land-based casinos and online sites too.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque has a lot of similarities with Chemin De Fer. The major difference is in the position of the banker. In this version of the game, there is only one player who acts as the dealer in the entire game. However, if he chooses, out of his will or when he runs out of money, he can retire as the dealer in the game.

Where to play Baccarat Online and Why – Best Online Casinos

Baccarat players can practice or gamble with real money in a collection of casino sites in India. The list below highlights 5 popular sites where players can gamble online. The other common question people ask is whether it is legal to play baccarat online. It is legal and anyone can make winning bets without any hassles.


Bet365 is an international betting site with a specially designated casino section. With its presence in so many countries, Bet365 has earned a reputation as one of the best sites for regular baccarat online players. The site has made deposits and withdrawals seamless. Besides they accept various currencies including Indian Rupees and multiple digital payment methods.

New players are welcomed with a sizable bonus coupled with great customer service. The bookmaker has also invested heavily in support software meaning players are comfortable placing bets on the online casinos.

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Players can enjoy baccarat online games through this online casino platform. It has a long-standing presence in the market, and in the Indian market as well. Betfair offers bookmarking and casino games including the popular baccarat games. They offer a singular variant of the baccarat game with 82.93% – 98.94% RTP. Once players signup they are welcomed with a bonus and free quizzes when they deposit money into their account.

Betfair’s play experience is arguably one of the best. The software provider’s Playtech has created an online experience that is essentially international but easy to navigate for anyone. In other words, UK hospitality has been extended to Asian markets as well. There is a lower bet range for the Indian market. Baccarat players can easily enjoy the game on their smartphones.

This casino accepts most forms of payment for deposit including debit/credit cards, e-wallets (Neteller and PayPal), bank transfers, and cheques.


Dafabet is the only truly Asian betting platform reviewed in this article. It was founded in 2004 in Makita Philippines. Although the Dafabet supports various languages, they do not support Hindi as yet. However, they support the Indian rupees. Besides, Dafabet offers a reload bonus. Players get a 5% match bonus up to ₹6000.

Dafabet deposit method includes bank wire transfer, Neteller, MasterCard, skrill, visa, Asipay888, WebMoney, Maestro, and Paysafe card. On the other hand, the only payment options available in withdrawals are Visa, Local bank transfers, Paysafe card, Neteller, WebMoney, and bank wire transfer. They have no limit on the amount of money you can withdraw from your account. It’s good to mention that in all the casinos, e-wallet payments are faster than, let’s say debit or credit cards. Dafabet, have a loyalty program every time players wager a bet.

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Betway chooses a simple design bordering on minimalistic aesthetics and easy navigation. They have been in the industry for close to 20 years now. Betway has a dominant presence in the Indian sub-continent. They offer two versions of the game-high stake game played with 8 decks and a classic element of the game. The site design allows players to keep track of payouts and wagers. New players get a bonus once they deposit money into their accounts.

There are about 12 tables with baccarat online games that allow players to immerse themselves through quality live streams. Out of the 12 tables available in the live game, 5 are high speed. The cards are dealt face up in the high-speed games and face down in other standard games. High stake players can choose private tables.

The players can access the game while on the move through the Betway mobile platform. Payment options available include wallets, bank transfers, and debit/credit cards.

Match Bonus up to ₹60,000


1XBET offers multiple collections of the baccarat game that players can choose from. Even though the 40 variants of the game exist on the 1xbet platform, they follow almost similar rules. However, they offer different experiences since they’ve been designed by different game developers. Some of the games do not offer wager and payout tracking. However, those that don’t show well indicate about 10 of the last results a player got. Besides, it’s only a handful of games that offer side bets.

That said, 1XBET offers players an extensive collection of baccarat online games, more than any other casino reviewed here. Also, 1XBET has not disappointed in the welcoming bit offering free spins and occasional bonuses. In fact, they have a loyalty program that users utilize every time they play a game on this platform. Players can still access the game through the mobile platform.

Since 1XBET is an international brand, they have extended their payment methods to locally accepted methods even those easily acceptable in India.

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Conclusion – why play Baccarat Online?

Baccarat can be played in conventional casinos and online betting casinos. And the two options come with similar advantages. This means that the game atmospheric and experiential aspect is not lost in the online casinos. Secondly, baccarat online simplicity makes it a huge attraction among low wagers and high rollers.

Thirdly, online casino sites can be accessed anywhere through desktops and Smartphones (iOS and android).

Players can choose from the myriad of casinos offering the game In India. The list of casinos offering the game is longer than the five, highlighted in this article. All the player needs to do is to examine and decide on the best option depending on their capabilities and experience.

Plus, players can enjoy the many bonuses offered by casinos especially those specifically targeted to baccarat enthusiasts. In essence, these bonuses are not offered in land-based casinos.

Beginners can also learn the tricks and trade of the game for free through the free demos offered by most casinos. Also, there are sensible wagers with baccarat online playing. Fifthly, there are a dozen variants of the game that can be played through online gambling. This is not usually the case, with real-life casinos. The online platform allows players to enjoy a live version of the game from home or while on the road.

Essentially, this is a game that any player would enjoy. Even though it is projected as a complex and reserved game, it is a simple and straightforward game that every player should try out.


🤵 What version of baccarat does James Bond Play?

James bond plays Baccarat Chemin De Fer in some of the 007 films including Goldeneye, Dr. No, and Thunderball, on her majesty secret service.

♠️ What are side bets?

These are bets that have been designed by game developers as a way to make the game livelier. They come within various versions, rules, and regulations.

♣️ Are different tables used?

There are three types of baccarat tables, there’s the full-size baccarat table, Mini, and the midi baccarat table.

♦️ Which variant should I play?

There are about three baccarat online variants including Punto Banco, Chemin De Fer, and Baccarat Banque. However, the most popular variant of the game is the Punto Banco because of its simplicity.

💰 How do I win big?

The best strategy in baccarat online is to bet on the banker. Additionally, you should be keen on money management – have a strategy on how much you’ll bet in each round.