Fantasy Sports - How to Play and Indian Laws On The Game

Indians are embracing fantasy sports making it a fast-rising online game, propelled by increased smartphone usage. Fantasy games enable sports fans to showcase their sports knowledge whenever, wherever, and however, they like.

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Fantasy Sports – What is it?

Fantasy sports is an online game that involves imaginary teams. Gamers create their teams based on real-life players who are to play in a real match. A gamer can either win or lose based on how the members of the imaginary team perform. Gamers compete with other virtual teams to get the most points. Gamers can redeem the points in prizes, like money.

Fantasy games differ from other online games because one plays it only when there is a real-life game. This means that one can only play a game like F1 fantasy or NBA fantasy depending on seasonality and actualities. The game has increased the love for real-life sports, especially among those who were not enthusiastic about sports. The game has also turned Indians who were not sports fans before knowing the game into sports fans after playing the game.

How do fantasy Sports work?

Starting a fantasy cricket game is easy. One starts by registering their fantasy team at a fantasy sports site. The next step is to select players for the fantasy team. One has the option of setting limits on the amount of money they spend to bid on players for their team. On the game day, the points that one score depends on their chosen players’ real-life actions.

Value of the players

Statistics surrounding the players’ performance and rules of the market determine the value of team members. For instance, for fantasy basketball, the stats include turnover differential, rebounding margin, and free throw differential.

Sports leagues like the fantasy premier league have scoring rules that determine the stats. The game then awards points based on the statistics, and the gamer with the most points gets a prize.


Gamers rely on the real-life actions of their fantasy team members to score points. This is why selecting good real-life sportspeople is vital in scoring points in a fantasy league like fantasy football league. Some actions can make you lose points. The main aim here is to score as many points as possible.


Before the beginning of a season, gamers select their team members. This is also known as drafting. Fantasy gamers users select their team members from a list of real-life players of the particular sport. The team members have to play live sport on a specific day. Gamers research before selecting the sportspeople. A growing trend in drafting is whereby users bid on real-life sportspeople to include in their fantasy teams.
fantasy sports

You Can Become a Sports Manager!

Besides being a sports fan seeing your fantasy football team win, fantasy games lets you become a sports manager. Since you have spent money selecting great members for your fantasy team, you do not want to see your investment go to waste. Thus, as you continue playing, you have to ask yourself questions that a real-life team manager would ask.

Are there things that you can do to improve your team’s performance? These are questions you ask yourself when taking part in fantasy games like the EPL fantasy league or Dream11 kabaddi.

Legality in India

In India, online games fall under two categories; those that require skills to play and win and those governed by pure chance. Games of chance include gambling and betting. These are restricted by state laws on gambling.

Fantasy sports require more than 50% of skills and knowledge to play and is therefore considered a game of skills and not betting or gambling. Currently, fantasy games are legal in India, with the Bombay High Court declaring it a game of skills.

Application of Laws to All Sports

The laws governing virtual sports in India apply to all types of fantasy sports. Since fantasy sports continue to grow in India, there was a need for the court to determine its legality. The majority of academicians supported the fact that virtual sports are not similar to betting.

The court concluded that the game is not like gambling or betting and is not addictive. The fact that skills and knowledge in sports were requirements to play virtual sports fueled its legalization.

Fantasy Cricket

Indian laws and regulations consider fantasy cricket a legal game because gamers must apply certain skills and knowledge to play and win. Since gamers cannot change players once the real-life game begins, the High Court recognizes that playing fantasy cricket is not the same as gambling or betting. Cricket is one of India’s most loved sports, and imaginary sports has increased the love that millions of Indians have for the game.

Fantasy kabaddi

Before its legalization, fantasy kabaddi was not legal to play in Indian states like Odisha and Assam. The Mumbai court made the game legal in April 1029 by stating that fantasy kabaddi, just like other fantasy games, was a game of skill, which makes it legal. Currently, Article 19(1)(g)India Constitution recognizes fantasy kabaddi as a legal business activity.
fantasy sports

Real vs. Fantasy Sports

Below are some pros and cons of real sports fans and fantasy gamers.

Real Sports

Building a support network among fans of the same team is one of the advantages of real sports. The other advantage is emotional boost that fans get when their teams win. On the other hand, xxcessive alcohol consumption and depression from losing a game are the disadvantages of real sports.

Fantasy sports

In fantasy sports, gamers can win money, and increase their knowledge of sports. The game is also non-addictive. The minus with fantsy sports is that there is a conflict of interest in fantasy sports, and real-life players are not viewed as humans.


Fantasy games have a massive following in India, with millions of people playing the games as frequently as daily. Fans of cricket, football, basketball, and baseball can now create their teams from actual players and have the game go their own way. The only thing gamers need to win more money and succeed in fantasy sports is the specific sport’s knowledge and skills.


🤔 Since when has this type of gaming been around?

In the 1960s is when fantasy sports were developed. In India, the game has been around since 2001, when Dream11 made it popular.

Are fantasy sports considered a gambling activity?

Fantasy Sports is not regarded as a gambling activity because it relies on real-life matches. Players of the game also must have knowledge and skills to play fantasy sports.

🏏 Can I place bets?

Yes, you can place bets. For instance, two single opponents can place bets of equal amounts. The one whose team gets the most points will then win the other’s stake.