How to Play Teen Patti - Basic Rules Of The Indian Poker

Teen Patti, an Indian card gambling game that’s popular among Indian online gamblers. Today, many casinos host the game and offer rules on how to play Teen Patti.

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Casino card games trace a colorful history and you can see it in the game variants you can play. For example, in many Indian online casinos, you’ll discover themed and fun variants of card games just waiting for your attention. Teen Patti, an Indian card gambling game is a popular variant that’s popular among Indian players. Today, many casinos host the game and offer rules on how to play Teen Patti.

Just like many card games available, real money Teen Patti is all about card values and hand comparisons. If you want to play and win in this colorful Indian card variant, make sure to check out first how to play Teen Patti. In this short guide, we’ll take a look at the basic rules of the game.

how to play teen patti

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti poker is a popular Indian card game that literally means ‘three card’. The game takes inspiration from the classic Indian game called the three-card brag which in turn is based on the rules of poker. So when you’re learning how to play Teen Patti, you’ll easily notice its similarities with poker rules. As the name suggests, this game only requires three cards. Its online version offers a colorful table layout, simple rules, and three important betting options. As part of the Teen Patti casino rules, the game uses a 52-card deck and uses the basic hand ranking from Aces (high) to 2s (lows).

In learning how to play Teen Patti, it’s best to start by identifying the value of the minimum wager. This approach is particularly helpful if you’re planning to play in brick-and-mortar casinos. The agreed minimum wager is called ‘one unit’, and all players place this minimum wager in a pot. If you win the game, you collect the pot. When you play Teen Patti poker online, the operator is the one who’ll identify the betting limits. In the online rules on how to play Teen Patti, you simply choose the wager and start play.

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Standard Order of How to Play Teen Patti

The rules on how to play Teen Patti follow the general guidelines in standard online poker. Once you have entered the game, the dealer will deal the cards one at a time. In a table with multiple participants, the dealer will deal out the cards one at a time until every player has three cards.

However, in playing the online variant, you need to set first the wager and place it on ‘Ante’ and click ‘Deal’. Under the online rules, three cards are instantly dealt to you and another to set of cards to the dealer. The rules on how to play Teen Patti, you have the option to ‘see’ the cards before you can bet or fold. On the table, you can find two buttons for ‘playing seen’ and playing blind’. Your choice on how to play Teen Patti eventually depends on your strategy and personal preferences.

how to play teen patti online

You Win Based on the Value of the Hand

As mentioned, the available real money Teen Patti game is based partly on the rules of poker. When you explore the rules on how to play 3 Patti online with money, you should pay attention to the rankings of the different hands. Just like in standard poker, cards have value and there’s a ranking for all hands. Here’s a look at the best hands to play in Indian poker Teen Patti, from highest to lowest:

  • Trio. This refers to three cards of the same rank. Of the Trios in a Teen Patti real cash game, the Aces are the best.
  • Straight Run. Consecutive cards from the same suit.
  • Normal Run. Refers to consecutive cards and may not come from the same suit.
  • Colour. Any three cards coming from the same suit.
  • Pair. You get two cards from the same rank.
  • High Card. The lowest in this list and includes three cards that do not belong to the hands discussed above.

In the appreciation and comparison of these hands, always pay attention to the basic rule used in Indian poker Teen Patti. The highest-valued card is an Ace with 2 as the lowest-valued card. With this principle in mind, you can easily learn how to win 3 Patti in real money format.

This game is also available in different variants, and they often differ in terms of the betting limits and rounds played. Although there are slight variations, the general objective of Teen Patti for real money remains the same. To improve your chances in this fun Indian card variant, make sure you review the rules on how to play Teen Patti particularly the hand rankings. If possible, check out the free demo version of this game which is available in top Indian online casinos. With a clear appreciation of the rules, it’s easier to learn the strategies on how to win 3 Patti.


💰 Can I play Teen Patti online for real money?

Yes. You can play Teen Patti online fore real money. There are many online casinos that offer that game. You can pick a casino by reading the reviews on our website, register, and start playing.

🤔 Is it hard to learn to play Teen Patti?

No. The game does not have many or complicated rules. It is easy to master and fun to play.

🍀 Is it possible to win every time?

Online Teen Patti is a game of chance so it is not possible to win every round.