A Detailed Guide for Gamblers New to Live Poker

Live Poker is like a memorable trip. You won’t recognize the feeling until you start playing. Looking at pictures and hearing stories aren’t worth the personal feeling you get when playing. Here’s more info about live poker.

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Live Poker - An Overview of the Game

Live poker is one of the best card games in India casinos right now. Nowadays, players prefer to play live poker games in casinos as a mode of entertainment or to make some cash. As a result, live poker hasn’t only transformed into an outstanding success but also an exceptional business.

In the history of live dealer games, live-poker is seen as an incredible invention. It has undoubtedly changed the live dealer poker world. It is now possible for players to access various pokers and directly interact with live dealers while on the go or from the comfort of their apartments.

The fact that poker is a thrilling sport to play makes it a huge topic of discussion amongst players. But the thrill of a poker tournament and everything else we have come to know regarding the sport started in the cardroom.

Live Poker

What You Need to Play

One question the new players often ask is, ‘How do I start gambling on poker at an online casino?’ We love newbies who like trying new tournaments at various operators online, and that’s why we’re giving this useful info.

First, go through the betting rules and guidelines in India. Second, select a reliable casino where you want to play live. Make sure you go through player reviews to determine the reliability and trustworthiness of the casino you intend to join.

After identifying the casino where you want to play poker online, you can now register for an account. Before you go straight into the online tournament, it is ideal if you try the free bets first to enhance your gambling skills.

By playing the free tournaments, you’ll learn the basic rules of the game that will be of significant help for you to start playing the real tournament for money. Also, always ensure that you have got a stable internet connection to avoid game delays.

Remember, online poker tournaments are quite addictive. Thus, as a new player, it is essential to take precautions and know the ideal time to take a break.

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Popular Live Poker Variants

Poker tournaments are available in many variations, from the battles between machine and man to the large table wagers. Every variation provides something different to the players that need the stimulating effect of the poker bets.

Texas Live Holdem Poker

It is the most common and the most played game. Every player gets two cards, before a couple of betting rounds as every community card is exposed. As a new player, you may need to get the know-how of Texas hold’em strategy.

The Three Card Poker

Perhaps originating from the famous 16th century British, Three Card Brag, this live-poker game is another option for the fast thinkers. It is also ideal for newbies. But this game is offered by different developers, so it is possible to come across different variations of the game.

Live Poker

The Best live Poker software providers

When it comes to gambling on these casino gambles online, you perhaps think about the various types of casinos where you can gamble at. A lot of gamblers do not ever think about the developers behind the development of these bets themselves, but the difference they make in the industry is quite significant.

This is usually the case when it comes to the top dealer live games. When selecting the casino to bet at, always consider the various real-dealer bets the casino offers. Most casino websites offer wagers from one or two developers only. So, it’s essential to consider this aspect before making your choice.

Every developer has a distinguished style and provides different selling points. The best software developers for live poker are Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming, Microgaming and Authentic Gaming.

The Top Live Pokers Casino

Want to gamble at the best India poker rooms? If so, listen keenly since we have outlined the best venue where you can gamble on the game. Irrespective of whether you are fascinated by history, style, gaming options, or size, PokerStars is the best place to be.


PokerStars is the busiest and most extensive online poker room and regularly has hundreds of gamblers signed in concurrently. Users see this site as the best in the industry, and the same is said when it comes to customer support.

PokerStars provides an unparalleled selection of bets, the wealthiest and most prominent online poker tournaments, and is usually seen as the most secure and financially stable online poker website in the industry.


🥇 Which is the best live-poker casino site for players in Indian?

Indians tend to play on the most popular websites in the world, and that’s why they tend to join PokerStars.

📱 Can I play poker live on my phone?

Yes. It is possible to play poker live on the go on your phone thanks to the growth of technology.

💰 Can you make money playing live-poker?

Yes, it is possible to make money, but you need to incorporate a specific strategy.

🃏 What variants of poker are played in online casinos?

There’re many poker variants that you can play at online casinos from Texas hold’em poker and exchange poker to 7-card stud poker and three-card poker, and many others.

🔑 Can I play live-poker for free?

Yes, you only need to register at a casino offering free bets and start playing.