Guide to Lowest House Edge Casino Games You Can Play

In online gambling, there’s one certainty: the house will always win in the end. The house edge varies for specific games. Before you play, check out the lowest house edge casino games available online.

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The Lowest House Edge Casino Games

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the lowest house edge casino games to play. Knowing the differences in the house edge is taking the right step towards playing responsibly.


If your strategy is to conquer the house edge of casino games, then consider playing blackjack. Also known as ‘21’, this casino game offers you the best chance of winning in a casino. The blackjack house edge is estimated at 1 percent in many casinos. Now, if you play and follow the perfect betting strategy, you can lower the edge to just 0.5%. Careful research and comparison of websites can also help you in lowering the house advantage blackjack rate. In some casinos and specific blackjack games, the edge can go as low as 0.28%. So the key here is to research and compare sites to lower the house odds blackjack rate.

More than the friendly odds, blackjack is also a highly recommended game because it’s fun and easy to play. The rule here is to create a hand to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Also, this card game is great to play in Indian online casinos since you don’t have to worry about experienced and hooded poker champions.

lowest house edge casino games


Next to blackjack, you may want to consider craps if you’re looking for the lowest house edge casino games. According to experienced players, the casino house advantage is roughly 50-50. The only concern here for many is the rules that govern the game. For example, if you play this in a brick-and-mortar casino, you may be intimidated by the boxes on the table. If you just ignore the table layout, you’ll discover that it’s a fun game too where outcomes are based on the roll of a dice.


Did you know that roulette is also one of the lowest edge casino games you can play? The roulette house edge still offers you excellent opportunities to win big. Just take the case of the popular betting arrangement in roulette; betting a Red or Black. If you just stick on this kind of bet, you have a roughly 50% chance of winning. The rules are easy and payouts are generous too making this a recommended game.

If you bet on Red and it wins, the game can double your wager. However, playing the game is not just a simple choice between two colors. There’s an extra element that boosts the house advantage roulette rate: the addition of extra green ‘0’ and the ‘00’ on the American Roulette. These extra slots boost the house edge of the casino.

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Don’t forget about baccarat if you’re reviewing the lowest house edge casino games. However, in this game, you will encounter a different house edge value for a specific type of bet. The best bet is on the Banker which offers a house edge of 1.06%. Aside from the Banker, you can also play the Player and Tie bets. Of these options, your bet on the Banker offers you a higher chance of winning. However, casinos will charge a ‘commission’ if you win to offset the friendly baccarat house edge.

lowest house edge casino games

What About Other Casino Games?

Aside from these popular titles, there are other casino games that you can play for the excitement and lucrative instant wins. However, some of these titles offer ‘poor odds’, thus they are not part of the list of lowest house edge casino games. Just take the case of Sic Bo and slot games, two popular casino games available in most Indian casinos. For Sic Bo, the Sic Bo house edge ranges from 2.78% to 18.98% which is higher compared to other popular games like blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Due to its higher house edge, you may want to skip first this game if you have other options. But if you want to play this dice-based game, make sure you adopt a set of strategies you can use when playing. For example, you can set a budget for your game session and never chase your losses.

How about the popular slot games that are available in top Indian casinos? Well, slot machines are colorful and truly engaging games to play. However, the slot machine house edge is high when compared to the blackjack casino edge. According to some experts, the house edge is more than 10% in many slot games. This casino house edge is a problem if you’re planning to play for a long time.

So the next time you sign up and play, check out the casino games with the lowest house edge. When offered options, you can always start with blackjack. It offers a friendly house edge and it’s easy to play too.


⭐ What is the lowest house edge online casino game?

The lowest house edge casino game is blackjack at just 1%. It is an easy to play and very entertaining game.

📈 What is the best bet in online baccarat?

The best strategy is to bet on the Banker. This bet has the lowest house edge in online baccarat.

🍀 Is online roulette all luck or you need skills?

Online roulette is all luck. The results of every spin are random so it is not possible to use a strategy for picking up numbers to bet on. You can utilize a strategy to manage your bankroll.