Online Cricket Betting in India - Odds, Strategies and More

Cricket is one of the most popular sports; online cricket betting is gaining favor from fans in India and other parts of the world. Cricket history gives a good indication of why India contributes 70% of global cricket revenue. Although betting and gambling aren’t legal in India, there is no law that prohibits people from online cricket betting.

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Cricket Mania in India

In India cricket arouses more excitement than Hockey which is the national sport. In fact in 2019 during the ICC Cricket World Cup streaming hit 269 million views in the opening week. There are many reasons for the frenzy but history is probably one of the major reasons. The British brought the game to India and they adopted it obsessively over the years. The fans treat the game like religion and they treat players like a deity.

Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is considered as the second most popular game in the world betting on cricket has become a favorite pastime activity for fans all over the world. Since India has the most fans and following for cricket people there bet more on cricket than any other sport.

Betting in any sport requires an individual to do a lot of research before deciding on what bet. Since Indians have such a rich history with Cricket they have acquired a lot of knowledge about the game that would make it easier for them to wager on cricket matches. The two main types of betting are domestic and international markets. The domestic refers to the Indian betting market.

cricket betting online

Cricket bets

For an Individual to bet on a cricket match they should have the understanding of the 3 recognized formats of the game which are governed by the International Cricket Council.

Online betting sites offer a variety of options for cricket games. This allows the punter a range of different value bets and angles to exploit. The different cricket betting options the punter can explore are:

 Match Outcome/Series Winner

This is the most prominent market for a punter to make on cricket betting. It is the most used form of cricket betting where the bettor picks from two possible outcomes; which side is going to win the cricket match. There is a third option of the outcome and this is the draw.

 Number Of Boundaries in a match

Wages are put on the number of boundaries in a cricket match. Punters will have to determine if a match will be full of players that have the ability to hit the sixes swiftly or hit the fours. It all depends on the dynamics of the cricket match.

The grounds on which the match is being played may cause all the difference and a good punter should consider the factor.

 Opening Partnership

When opening the highest partnership is a viable market for punters. A batsman can have a particular form against a specific bowler. This kind of information can greatly help a punter make better bets.

 Man Of The Match

A bettor can benefit from determining who will emerge the best player of the game. That Individual player should put up a match-winning performance to get the title “Man of the march”.

 Leading Wicket Taker

All a punter has to do here is to predict the best run-scorer in a given cricket match. The bettor can be very profitable with this kind of bet if they follow the current trend and form of Wicket takers.

Indian Betting Markets

In India, the main cricket betting league is called the Indian Premier League. This tournament begins every year in April. The Indian Premier league runs for about 7 weeks and comes to and ends in May. The winner of the T20 cricket takes home 2.2 million dollars. Since the league began in 2008, bookmakers have brought different and fresh betting opportunities for the domestic market.

online cricket betting

Indian Premier League betting options

Betting choices in India are many with cricket betting markets that offer good cricket betting odds and give great cricket betting tips as well.

Betting and the Indian Premier League

The markets in the Indian Premier League range from match series win bets, the number of sixes in a cricket match, method of next dismissal and even who will win the coin toss in the match series. Betting is all down to luck but a punter can use statistics from previous cricket games to make an informed bet. Punters can also use cricket betting tips from prediction sites.

Betting on other competitions

Other than the Indian Premier League punters one can make real money by betting on cricket competition like:

Ranji Trophy

An Indian domestic tournament that involves 38 teams taking part in first-class cricket format. The first edition of the cricket championship was held in the year 1934. The team successfully played in the Irani Cup.

The Irani Cup

Formerly known as the Irani Trophy the tournament is named after Zal Irani who is a member of the Board of Control Cricket India in the capacity of Treasurer. The first game was played in 1959. This is a platform where betters can bet and get to know more about cricket in this cup.

The Duleep Trophy

The Board of Control Cricket India in the capacity of Treasurer (BCCI) picks the teams to play in this first-class cricket Indian tournament. The tournament is named after Shri Kumar who is known as Duleep. The first edition of the tournament was played in the 1961- 1962 season. 3 teams participate in the Duleep Trophy.

Challenger Trophy

This trophy was first established in 1994 by the BCCI to attract and showcase the cricket talent that India has. It involves 36 of the best players in India who were divided into 3 teams; Senior, India A and India B.

BCCI Corporate Trophy

The tournament includes 12 inter-corporate cricket teams playing a 50-over side competition. The Corporate Trophy starts before the Ranji Trophy championship starts.

Deodhar Trophy

The domestic Indian competition named after The Grand Old Man of Indian cricket, Mr. Deodhar. 3 teams play this tournament Indian A, Indian B, and Indian C. It’s a 50-over competition.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

An Indian competition named after Syed Mushtaq Ali a Cricket Hero. The tournament is of the Twenty20 format. The BCCI thought about scrapping the tournament but later decided to revert their decision and include all domestic cricket teams.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

The teams that are involved in this competition are state teams that have played in the Ranji Trophy. Vijay Hazare is a famous cricket player whose name was used when the tournament launched and it sticks to date. Some people refer to this trophy as the Ranji One-Day Trophy

cricket betting

Online Cricket betting Odds

Cricket betting odds that are offered by cricket betting bookmakers are mostly reflecting the likeliness of an outcome to occur. This is known as an implied probability which is normally expressed in terms of percentages.

An odd of 4 translates to 25% chance or likeliness that a team will win a cricket match. Some bookmakers offer cricket betting odds in the form of fractions and others use decimals to represent the odd. Understanding implied probability is important to successful cricket betting.

Indian Betting Market Conclusion

The Indian Premier League has over 70 matches which means that there are many opportunities for punters to make bets and win. In-play betting is also offered by bookmakers. In-play betting allows a bettor to make a bet at the right time or choose to cash out once they feel the outcome is about to change. The cricket betting in India has also created sites that offer tips and strategies on how to bet cricket games.

International Cricket Betting Markets

International cricket has three recognized formats a bettor can bet on. These formats are played between full and associate member nations under the ICC (International Cricket Council). The 3 formats are:

 Test Cricket

This is the most ancient form of cricket which is played over 5 days. The result should be either side to win or a draw. Test match series give ample time for the punter to come up with a decent betting strategy. Countries that have test match series status include South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, and Zimbabwe.

Each match series is played more than 15 sessions with 90 overs for each of the five days. Their most common rivalry in the test series was between England and Australia. Popular test matches include match series between England and South Africa and match between Australia and India known as the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. The ten nations that play are Scotland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, UAE, Oman, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands.

 One Day Cricket

This game is played in one day with 50 overs for both teams. This format revolutionized cricket today. The format was buzzing in the 1970s. The distinguishing factor from Test matches is the presence of mandatory fielding restrictions that are placed upon a captain. As it is now a captain is only allowed to station two fielders outside the 30-yard circle for the first 1-10 overs. In the other 11- 40 overs the captain is allowed to have up to 4 men outside the circle. The last 41-50 overs can the captain is allowed up to 5 men. There are two global ICC tournaments for this format. The first is ICC Champions Trophy and the second is ICC Cricket World Cup.

 T20 Cricket

This format is known for its excitement that was popularized in the 2000’s era. The game is in the afternoon or evening with 50 overs for each team. It is gaining favor over Test match series and One Day Cricket games. Just like One Day Cricket format, there are fielding restrictions for the captain in T20 cricket games. The first 6 overs only two fielders are allowed to go beyond the 30-yard circle. The other 14 remaining over a total of 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle.

 Other Cricket Formats

Apart from T20 cricket and ODI cricket matches, each nation has its own First Class and List A tournament. This tournament at the same time is like a normal match series. The County Championship is from the UK and the Sheffield Shield First Class competition from Australia. The tournaments offer good value bets since draws are mostly not available in this kind of market. The Draw no Bet option bookmakers offer should be used in these tournaments. Weather is a big factor in the result of the tournaments that normally are likely to end in a draw.

cricket betting

Strategies for Online Cricket Betting

There are two main reasons why people bet on sports in general. One of the reasons is betting for entertainment or for fun. Most of the people bet on cricket are doing so to add extra intrigue to the game by backing up teams they like. The second reason is betting for profit whereby the punters take the betting seriously because they intend on making real money or even earn a living. These punters need a cricket betting strategy to help them have more winnings than losses. Since there is a huge selection of cricket betting markets, a bettor needs to develop a good strategy to be profitable.

  • Choose specific markets - When a cricket fan has decided to transition from occasional fun betting to professional betting, the focus should always be in one league. There are a lot of teams, tournaments and cricket league, focusing on one league allows the bettor to concentrate on a few teams to understand trends.
  • Use multiple betting sites - Professional wagering uses this strategy to find the best value bets. A punter needs to do research and find out which online betting sites offer the best odds and the best cricket betting markets. Bonuses and free bets also make a betting site worth checking. Finding the best online betting sites should, therefore, be considered an important strategic tool for making better bets.
  • Use websites for research - Both domestic and international tournaments have websites that contain tonnes of information and statistics about teams, players and leagues. It is the duty of a professional punter to keep track of the tournaments and league. Teams also have official websites that fans can use to get news and information from. Some players have also developed their own online betting sites but they also use social media to communicate with their fans.
  • Blogs about cricket - Some fans create blogs to discuss teams, fixtures, and results. A bettor should make it a habit in reading such blog posts or articles. Although some blogs main focus is entertainment, there is always some kind of information that a punter could learn.

Top online betting sites for Cricket


A cricket betting site dedicated to live cricket wagering. They offer the most convenient ways to deposit real money even in Indian rupees. Indian Premier League is a huge focus for 10cric including betting tips and statistics. The betting site is reliable because of its top-notch security and payout speed.

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This is one of the most popular online betting sites that give bettors the option to watch sports games. Cricket fans can deposit real money and get a free bet with Bet365. They are reliable as they often pay after a win. They have a good selection of convenient payments like Visa Card, Skrill, and Neteller.

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Although the bonuses and promotions from this betting site are not great, they offer an engaging and user-friendly site. They provide a huge selection of cricket betting choices. They give new users a free bet after they open an account. Indian punters can make use of their live betting for more cricket markets.

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Players and punters who use 1xbet get rewards almost daily. They have the largest collection of games as they are an international betting company. All cricket games are offered here T20, ODI and Test crickets betting options. The fact that they offer almost all games for betting might confuse first-time visitors of the site.

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Royal panda

A betting site that accepts rupees is a huge plus for Cricket bettors. Royal Panda was established in 2014, so it’s fairly new but it still offers one of the best promotions to its customers. The problem with Royal panda is that the focus seems to be more of live casino games and slots rather than sports betting.

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Cricket Betting Apps Bet On The Go

Cricket apps are not so common in India like they are in the UK but top international online betting sites avail an app to be downloaded and used from either the app store or from Google play store.

10cric App

This is arguably one of the best apps in India for players to bet on cricket. They offer a welcome bonus of up to 10, 000 rupees + free spins for the casino players. Cricket betting being what it is in India, the app does lots for punters. Apart from betting on the go, the app gives information about the India Premier League like fixtures, results, and statistics.

Betway App

This app offers cricket fans with the ability to bet on both domestic and international cricket matches. T20, Test and ODI cricket games with the best odds. Live betting allows punters to make great value bets as they watch the cricket games. Since Betway is reliable, cashing out on a live game is so easy and swift. The user-interface app makes it convenient and easy to navigate.

1xBet India App

The app that is available in Africa and Asia but most of the users that bet on cricket matches come from India. In 2019 the app offered its account holders a chance to win $10,000 just from the World cup lottery. The app offers 7,500 rupees for those that register which means matches a percentage 100 of the first deposit. The app design is beautiful with a good color scheme of blue, white and green is one of the best cricket betting apps.

22Bet Indian App

An app for the Indian market optimized for poor data connectivity. The cricket betting app runs smoothly on mobile phones because of the simplicity of app design. The simplicity is good for two reasons. The first reason is that the app itself is light so it never feels sluggish. The second reason is navigation is easy because of no complexity of the design. Even though the mobile cricket betting main attraction is improved data connectivity, the app offers a good variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Leo Vegas App

An app that gives its Indian user a welcome bonus motivating them to join one of the best online cricket betting apps that offer competitive betting cricket odds. The cricket odds they offer give punters a reason to visit their site and download their app. The deposit options are flexible enough.

Conclusion - Online Cricket Betting In India

Cricket betting in India will keep on increasing as long as the mania never dies down. Online betting sites have given ways of Indian people from all over the country a form of entertainment that will feed their obsession with Cricket teams and players. Getting started with cricket betting is easy with most apps and websites that give an opening bonus to other promotions. Real money is used to make great value bets that can earn a serious professional Cricket punter a living.

The large population of India has and is continuing to attract more bookmakers and casinos to include cricket betting in their online betting sites. India’s premier league depicts the devotion of Indian fans towards Cricket. The game offers a lot to the Indian person that is why it is followed greatly in all corners of the country. Betting generates a lot of revenue for local online betting sites. Many people not only Indians have become wealthy or have earned a living from the sport, either as players or as punters.

FAQ - Online Cricket Betting

Common questions that bettors have asked punters and users of different betting sites in India. From currency to real money issues these questions serve the purpose of Educating bettors.

💲 Is there a Cricket Welcome Bonus?

It all depends on the site and the Individual has chosen to bet with. Bonuses are offered to motivate new punters. The welcome bonus is the most attractive bonus which can be used to win real money.

💸 Are Indian Rupees Accepted By Bookmakers?

Not all bookmakers accept deposits to be made Indian rupees but most of them do have to regard that cricket is the most popular game in India. Sites like Unibet allow the use of rupees for payment and can also withdraw real money in rupee currency.

⚖️ Can I Legally Bet On Cricket?

India does not allow gambling and betting which means that online betting is the only form of betting that is not prohibited in India. Bettors and players of different online sites are governed by the terms and conditions of that site.

💰 Is Betting On Cricket Profitable?

Professional gamblers are those that are in the business of earning real money from the wins and try to be profitable doing so. Cricket betting is definitively profitable for those who have put up a good betting strategy to beat bookmakers.

🏏 What Type Of Cricket Bet Attracts The Best Odds?

Test series attract the best odds as it is difficult to determine who will win Test tournaments especially those with rivalry. A market for the highest scorer on every side can also give a good odd.