Play Poker Online - Guide To The World’s Most Popular Game

Play poker online in India like a pro with these strategies and pointers. In this article, we dive into all the necessary things you should know about poker. From the rules to variants, best places to play and how to play.

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Before You Play Poker Online For Real Money

It is advisable to be conversant with the sport before you can play real money poker. Gambling with cards is all about knowing when and how to strike against your opponents.

Until you feel comfortable enough, practice on free poker i.e demo versions. It will give you time to master the basic and intermediate skills you need to play like a pro.

How to play - Basic Poker rules

Mobile poker online is a straightforward sport. Once you understand how to play, you are halfway on your journey to becoming a pro player.

Poker involves a standard pack of 52 cards, ranked from high to low. Note that the four suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs) are equal. The player with the highest-ranking hand wins. Some variants have wild cards. Whoever possesses them will control the wild cards’ suit and rank. It is vital to understand how hands are ranked in poker and what each hand entails.

  • Five of a Kind – The highest possible card. If it is live poker and many bettors at the table have five of a kind, the highest combo wins.
  • Straight Flush - These are 5 cards in perfect, natural order. A straight flush where the ace is high is called a Royal Flush and is the highest-ranking natural hand (A, K, Q, J, T)
  • Four of A Kind – Four cards of similar rank.
  • Full House – A combination of three of a kind and a pair. For example J-J-J-3-3.
  • Flush – All cards are of a similar suit. For example Q-8-6-5-3 (all hearts).
  • Straight – A hand where all cards are in order, like 2-3-4-5-6-7
  • Three of a Kind – A hand of three cards of rank combined with two non-pair cards.
  • Two Pair- The hand has two cards (one rank), two more cards (another rank) and the kicker (third card or different rank).
Play Poker Online

How to bet on poker games online

Call - You place a stake big enough to match what your opponents have bet since the last time you played your cards.

Raise – You first call (place a stake to match what others have bet since you played last) then ‘raise’ the stake and bet another amount.

Fold – You quit the current hand and you don’t have to place any bet into the pot.

The Most Popular Online Poker Real Money Variations

There are different types of poker. However, the basic rules apply to all of them.

Texas Hold’em - When you play Texas Holdem poker online, the game starts after two players to the left of the dealer place ‘forced’ bets called blinds.

Pot Limit Omaha - It is almost like Hold’em, the only difference is that all players receive four hole cards at the start. You must combine one pair of your hole cards with three community cards to form the best hand possible.

Seven Card Stud - There are no community cards involved. It starts with all gamblers paying an ante and receiving three cards (one face-up and two face-down).

Razz – The winner is the one with the ‘worst’ possible hand (usually a five-low of 5-4-3-2-A).

Omaha Hi-Lo – The pot will be split between the lowest and highest hands.

Five-Card Draw – All players receive five cards, which they can exchange for new cards. Everyone must show their cards and the best five-card hand wins.

HORSE – A combination of five variants, hence its name (hold’em, Omaha hi-lo, razz, seven-card stud, seven-card-stud eight or Better).

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Poker Strategy and Tips

  • Familiarise yourself with the hand-rankings, rules, and positions before you play poker online.
  • If you are still learning, start with low stakes to minimize losses.
  • Only use the strongest hands. It means playing less but being aggressive when you decide to go for it. Avoid playing random hands, without a reason.
  • Take advantage of the position. The button is the most beneficial position in poker, as you can gamble on more hands from there than any other position.
  • Perfect your skills playing on one table before you can play poker online at multiple tables.
  • Don’t allow yourself to play poker online with emotions. Avoid being frustrated when you lose or extremely excited when you win. If you feel like the game is taking a toll on you, take a break and come back to finish.
  • Watch your opponents’ gameplay. After playing several games, you will learn how to predict your opponents’ next move by observing the game’s history.
  • Stick to your gambling budget. This is more of a money management strategy but it will help you minimize your losses. Regardless of the outcome of the games, avoid overspending.
  • Be patient. Most beginners are surprised to know that some poker tournaments take several hours to finish. Therefore, always be ready to spend a significant amount of time on your poker games, if your intent on winning. Impatience only breeds poor decisions.
  • Prepare yourself for surprises and wild gameplay. To cushion yourself against crazy swings by your opponents, ensure you have ample bankroll.
  • Do not bluff for the sake of it. This mostly applies to live poker. Your goal is to maximize your hands and get the most from your game.
  • Pay attention. Keep a watchful eye on the gambler to your right and the two opponents to your left.
  • Play poker online in the demo version until you are well acquainted with the game. But when you play poker online real money blindly could end up costing you your bankroll.
  • Have fun. Don’t forget poker is just a game. Therefore, relax during the game and enjoy the excitement of the game.
Play Poker Online

Practice - Poker Demo & Free Games

Play poker online in demo mode before you can start using real money. This will help you grasp poker gameplay while formulating strategies of your own. Playing free games also helps you learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Where To Play And Why - The Best Poker Casinos

Are you wondering where to play legal poker online? Only play poker online at the best casinos in India for a thrilling time on poker.


Get value for all your bets and enjoy jet-set customer support on Dafabet. It was created for the Asian market, so players in India can anticipate a top-notch experience. The sportsbook site is comprehensive, with a wide range of sports including Kabaddi. Plus, there are special daily and weekly promotions and offers.

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Once known as Betrally India, 10Cric is for all cricket enthusiasts. The site is especially friendly to Indian players, with local games including Kabaddi. They allow several deposit methods and even have a news page, solely for IPL.


Get a taste of all variants of poker while enjoying VIP-like customer service 24/7, at Pokerstars India. This poker casino online site also has a learning section. You can also train and sharpen your poker skills using their interactive learning tools. This is one of the very best online poker sites in the industry.

Play Poker Online

Live Poker Vs Online Poker Game

If you are looking for a one on one experience with a dealer and other players as in a land-based casino, go for live poker online. The dealers are charming, mostly friendly and the atmosphere is lively and action-packed. Our recommended casinos even allow you to bet behind, whenever you arrive at a poker game late and the tables are full. As for video poker online, the games are still thrilling but you are playing against a computer.

Conclusion - Why Play Poker Online?

Poker is a brilliant choice because you have more control over the outcome, unlike other casino games. While poker still, slightly depends on your luck for the day, your skills even matter more. That is why there are pro players who participate in poker tournaments for a living. Playing poker online means you can do it anywhere, anytime and with as many betting options as you can afford.


Here are the most common questions about the basics of legal online poker and their answers.

💰 Can I Play Poker Online for Real Money?

Yes, you can play poker online for real money and even win, as long as you have a strategy.

⚖️ Is Online Poker Gambling Legal?

Yes, online poker is legal in many countries.

🥇 What is the best online poker site?

The best sites to play poker online are recommended in our list including Dafabet, 10Cric and Pokerstars.