American Roulette - A Review of This Popular Casino Game

American roulette is a popular table game. You may find several variants of the game from several software providers, just like its sister roulette title, European roulette. Here is a review of its features and a playing guide.

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American Roulette Table Layout

The table has 36 numbers (1-36) in a sequence. Some have a black background while others possess a red one. At the start of the table are two cells; one has a zero and the other one has a double zero. To the right of these numbers are three cells with initials 2 to 1 on each. There are three sections below the main table. In them, you can see the following bet options: 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. Below it there are six cells with initials 1-18, even, red, black, odd, and 19 to 36. 

American Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel also features 36 numbers with alternating black and red pockets. These American roulette numbers do not follow a sequence. There are also two green pockets, one with a zero and the other one with a double zero. You can place your bets on a given number, a combination of numbers or color selection. The roulette wheel is the one used to determine the winners for the wagers placed on the table.

American Roulette

American Roulette Rules

Unlike other variants, there are no denominations for the chips you play the American version of roulette. On live American roulette, you get eight sets of chips in a color that is different from other players. Players are allowed to place either inside or outside bets. Inside options include singles, adjacent numbers, or large number groups.

The highest paying bet is the Straight Up bet that pays 37:1. Other inside options include split bet, which pays 17:1, Street Bet, which pays 11:1 and corner bet that pays 8:1. The last two bet options are Five Bet that pays 6:1 and Live bet that pays 5:1. When it comes to outside bets, betting on low or high, even or odd, or colors pays even money. Column and dozen options pay 2:1. You are allowed to place more than one bet at the start of the game. Therefore, you can increase your winning chances by picking both an inside and outside bet.

Players bet at the start of the game before the ball is rolled. Once the ball settles on a particular pocket, the winning number is announced. Any bet that wins as per the winning number is settled as per the paytable.

The House Edge for the American Roulette Game

The American roulette variant comes with 36 numbers and two zero pockets, giving a total of 38 pockets. This table has a house edge of 5.26%. This means that players get an average payout rate of 94.74%. The variant has a lower return to player rate than European roulette, which offers a rate of 97.30%.

American Roulette

American Roulette Strategy to Win

While roulette is mostly a game of chance, there are various things that you can do to increase your chances of a win, lower your losses, and enhance your bankroll. You need to start by choosing a reputable American roulette online casino. Random Number Generators manage the table version. Therefore, you have to ensure that the cards are actually offered at random.

Consider betting on groups, outside bets, and combinations to lower your risk level. While the payout may be lower than single bets, the chances of getting a single bet are too low compared to outside ones. In addition, you should create a method of increasing or lowering your stake, depending on the outcome of the previous round. There are a host of positive and negative gambling systems that work well with roulette tables.

It is always good to start by playing free games on your favorite platform. This offers you a chance to try various strategies without risking your stake. It is also your best chance of trying different variants before settling on the American Roulette version that impresses you the most. Most casinos will allow you to play free without even logging into your account.

Keep tabs at your wins and losses along with the winning selections in each gambling session. While the chances of landing a particular number or color are purely by chance, there are winning streaks from time to time that ensure that the ball falls on a specific color or set of numbers. Use this as the measure to determine what your next bet will be and how long you can keep betting on a particular selection.

Overall, your winning strategy should cover bankroll management, bet selection, and choice of variants. Some of the betting systems that you can use include Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, and Oscar’s Grind. The choice of any of the betting systems depends on your preference and betting goals. Take time to check the advantages and disadvantages of any system before putting it into action.

Online Roulette Demo & Free Games - Play For Free

As said earlier, it is possible to try the American version of roulette in demo or free mode. You just need to head to your favorite roulette online platform and scroll through to the table gamers section. Search for the American online roulette and click ‘Free’ or ‘Demo’ mode. The option is available on both the desktop and mobile platforms. However, it is not available in the live American roulette online casino. There is also no limit to the number of rounds that you can try on variants in the demo mode. Use this chance to learn how to play roulette, whether you will be playing the online or the live dealer version of the game.

Roulette Casino - Where to Play and Why

There are various casinos around India where you can access this roulette variant as a table game or American roulette live. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Bet365 is an online casino that was established in 2001. It offers a broad range of online casino games that include the American version of roulette. You can play the demo version of the title before playing with American roulette online real money. It also has several bonuses, some of which you can use on the casino version of the variant.

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1xbet is an online casino that is licensed in Curacao. It is one of the leading sites and is known for a wide variety of games. Roulette is one of the popular table games on the platform, with various promotions offering you a stake boost on any of the variants. It also has a mobile-friendly site.


Here are some solutions to some of the common American roulette problems faced by gamblers.

📱 Can I play live American roulette on my mobile device?

That depends on the gambling platform. Some casinos offer live dealer tables on their mobile site while others do not. Check with your favorite online gambling platform.

📈 What are the best bets in American roulette?

The best in terms of the returns are single ones as they have the highest payouts. However, for low-risk bets, go for outside ones but note that they offer lower payouts.

🎯 What is the best strategy for this type of roulette?

The best strategy for this type of bet is mixing outside with occasional inside bets. You get several small wins with an occasional chance to win big online.