European Roulette in India -The Rules, Winning and Legal Position

European roulette is a casino game that is available both physically and online. There are several differences between the two games, like the number of players. However, the style, type of bets, and etiquette remain the same.

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If you have played European roulette in person, then you should not have a problem competing in the online platform. The online games are ideal for beginners because they have options to train new players for free. In addition, the free games use the real board, with real bets but virtual money. Therefore, a new person can practice for as long as they wish since the number of free games is not limited. Moreover, the amount of stake is either unlimited or high, depending on the online platform. Therefore, a person is able to make themselves familiar as well as simulate the different scenarios in the online casino free games.

European roulette table layout

The online casino table has 37 slots labeled from 0 to 36. These slots correspond to the numbers in the roulette wheel. Numbers 1 to 36 are colored red and black in an alternating pattern, while zero has a green color. The table has 18 red and 18 black squares. Therefore, the odds of winning in the red and black slots are twice the bet placed, and the odd for the green square are 35 to 1.

The numbers 1 to 36 are further grouped into two major sections for numbers in the vertical and horizontal sections. The horizontal section (column bets) contains numbers from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. The odds of choosing this group of selection is 2 to 1. The vertical section contains three groups of numbers set in patterns. Since the numbers on the table appear in three rows, each row represents a group of numbers where a person can place a bet. The odds for this group of numbers is 2 to 1.

European Roulette

European roulette wheel

The online European roulette wheel has a ball, a rotating wheel, and a static track. The track has pins that block the ball from making a smooth ride to any number. Therefore, the pins make sure that the lucky number, where the ball lands, is random.

To determine the winner, the wheel is spun in one direction, and the ball is rolled in the opposite direction on the track. As the ball loses momentum, it hits one of the pins dropping to the rotating wheel. When the wheel stops rotating, the ball is always in one of the numbers; that is the winning number. The color of the winning number (red, black or green) is used to reward players. Also, the winning number can either be high (19-36) or low (1-18) and winners are rewarded accordingly.

Unique rules of play

The roulette online does not have a lot of rules since the game is automated. However, there are several rules that must be observed before one is able to place a bet. First, most casino roulettes do not allow one to participate if they do not have any funds. If your account has no money, they lock you out and prompt you to fund the account. The dealer cannot spin the wheel if you have not placed any bet. Once the player has clicked on the spin button, they cannot add any more bets on that specific spin. Similarly, a player cannot cancel the bet while the dealer has said “no more bets”.

European Roulette Table

The house edge for the European roulette game

All bet types in European roulette have a constant house edge of 2.7%. The difference in the types of bets is the betting probability and the bet payout. For straight wagers, the winning probability is also 2.7% for every single bet. However, the straight bets have the most amazing payouts of 35 to 1. Split bets are placed between two numbers. They have a winning probability of 5.4% and a bet payout of 17 to 1.

Street bets have a winning probability of 8.1% and a bet payout of 11 to 1. Column and dozen bets have the same bet payout and bet probability. Therefore, the winning probability is 32.4%, while the bet payout is 2 to 1. Finally, all bets that have two primary outcomes like red/black, odd/even, and High/low have a winning probability of 48.6% and a bet payout of 1 to 1.

European roulette strategy to win

The probability of winning on many occasions is constant since the house edge is equal in all available markets. Although all straight bets have the same probability, column bets between 13 and 24 give players a higher winning chance. Straight bets have a very small chance of winning and should be avoided when staking a huge amount of money.

However, choosing bets that cover half the numbers on the roulette has the best probability of winning, but they have a small payout. If you decide to place straight bets, split your stake into small denominations, and stick to one number of your choice. If you want to stake high, go for the bets with the highest odds. However, the best strategy is placing columns bets because they have high odds and a high chance of winning.

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Play for free

There are many online platforms that offer free roulette games. However, the best place to play free games is on the platform where you plan to play with real money after perfecting the art. Therefore, a person should signup in the best sites like Betway and 22bet. All casino games have some tricks like the numbers which appear more frequently. Thus, by playing more free games, it becomes easier for one to identify European roulette tricks. Before placing real money on the casino, use the free games to learn until you are sure of how to play roulette.

European roulette casino - Where to play and why

There are many international companies offering online roulette games in India. Some companies have different types of bonuses tied to some terms and conditions. Therefore, before settling for a company to ensure that your preferences come first. Royal Panda Casino is one of the best sites where you can play European roulette in India.

Royal Panda Casino is one of the few sites that allow players to deposit Indian Rupees. Betway casino is a good site that has the best bonus for new players of up to ₹200000. While there are many companies offering online European roulette, look out for bonuses, type of currency they accept, withdrawal limit, and the average payout time.

Why play European roulette online

Online casinos remove the challenge of convenience for any player. With online platforms, you can play the casino online in the comfort of your home. In addition, most betting companies have apps that allow players to use their smartphones to play the mobile casino version. Therefore, the online platform is way more convenient than physical games. If you love the company of people when playing, online games might not be your best choice.


📱 Can I Play Live Roulette on My Mobile?

Yes, live some platforms have live games with real dealers and moderators. These games are available on computers and personal gadgets like phones.

⚖️ Is Roulette Gambling Legal?

Online gambling is legal in India when offered by international companies. First, all companies that operate online casinos in India have licenses. Lastly, the laws that regulate gambling does not prohibit online casinos.

🍀 What number comes up the most times in roulette?

The layout of the roulette is varying balanced, having alternating pockets for red and black as well as high and low numbers. However, numbers between 13 and 24 appear more often compared to other groups of numbers.