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Playing roulette online in India has never been easier or more fun. Here is how to play roulette online and have a fantastic time on this game of wheel.

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Before You Can Play Roulette Online For Real Money

Do you like to play roulette online? Whether you are shifting from land casinos to online roulette or you are a beginner on the wheel, here are things to consider.

Understand The Basic Rules Of Play

Online roulette gambling is simple to understand. It might seem complicated from sight (if you have never played before). However, if you grasp the loops of the game, you are good to strike your first bet and play roulette online.

Roulette comes with straightforward rules and basics. There is a wheel with black and red segments with numbers 1-36 on them. You will also notice one or two green zero (0) sections. The number of zeros depends on the type of casino roulette you are playing.

Every time you play roulette online, you start by making a prediction of where the ball will land. Next thing, roll the ball and wait to see where it lands. If the ball hits your predicted segment, you win.

In virtual versions of the game, a table comes with numbers and segments on which you can place bets. Once all players on the table have placed their stakes, the wheel will spin and you will watch to see where the ball lands.

Play Roulette Online

Roulette Online Betting - Types Of Bets You Need To Know

Once you play roulette online, you will notice that you can place a stake on one or more numbers. You have a range of betting combos, which can result in different odds for winning and payouts. There are three types of bets in roulette.

The main section of a roulette table comes with numbers from 0-36. The other spaces are used for betting on groups of numbers. It could be red/black, odd/even, columns and dozens and 1-18/19-36.

Inside bets – These are the stakes that you place on the numbers on the table. Types of Inside bets include:

  • Straight – The stake covers only one number
  • Split – You place a stake on two adjacent numbers
  • Street – You place a stake on three consecutive numbers
  • Six line – You place your stake on two adjacent lines
  • Corner – It is also known as the ‘square bet’. You place the stake on four numbers by placing a chip on the shared corner of the four numbers.
  • Trio – A three number stake including the 0 or 00.
  • Basket – You can bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3. The chip on the corner shared by the first line and the zero box.
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Outside bets – These are the stakes that you place on areas without the numbers. Types of outside bets are:

  • Odd or Even – Place a stake on whether the winning number will be an odd or even number.
  • Red or black – You place a stake predicting the color of the winning number.
  • Dozens – Place a bet one of the three dozens on the table (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36)
  • Columns – You place a stake on predicting which of the three columns will have the winning number.
  • 1-18 or 19-36 (High or low) – You bet whether the ball will fall on the low half or higher half of the table.

Side bets – These depend on the variant of roulette. You can come across different side bets that add a twist to the game.

The House Edge - The Effect On Your Chance Of Winning

Casinos also need to make money and the house edge is the percentage of the money they make from your losses when you play roulette online. It is also called the house advantage. So, for example, in a roulette game where the RTP (return to player) is 96%, the house edge will be 4%. Out of all bets played, the casino pays out to players but they deduct a small amount to stay in operation.

Play Roulette Online

Choose A Version You Like And Understand

Before you start to play roulette online, understand that there are many different variants of the game. Nowadays, casinos are even offering live roulette in the local language. I.e, the dealers are communicating in Indian. If you are playing roulette online in Indian casinos, you will even find tables in other languages like Swedish.

Try out the different types of roulette games to see which excites you the most. Some common variants include:

  • American
  • European
  • Mukri wheel
  • Mini
  • Live
  • Triple Bonus Spin

Select A Strategy

Roulette is still a game of chance. Just remember, to have a strategy, even as you play roulette online and enjoy spinning the wheel. You can decide to either focus on winning the game more or minimizing your losses. Here are two strategies you can test.

Bet on areas of the wheel instead of one number - For example, you can bet on even/odds or black/red. This increases your chances of winning by 50% since the numbers are equally distributed on the wheel.

D’alembert strategy - This is if you decide to use a money strategy as you play roulette online. This strategy requires you to start betting small on even/ odd or black/ red or 1-18/19-36. You are supposed to increase your stakes by one whenever you lose and decrease the stakes by one whenever you win.

Play For Free - Online Roulette Demo & Free Games

Until you get your strategy right and learn how to maneuver your roulette game, you can always practice in demo mode. The best casinos in India have provisions for you to play for free or for practice. This will help you play roulette online with more confidence and less anxiety.

Play Roulette Online

Where To Play Roulette Online And Why - The Best Online Roulette Sites


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  • The casino also offers sports betting on popular Indian games and leagues like cricket
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  • The sportsbook section allows players to trade in winning or losing options on flexible prices.


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  • You get an exclusive live casino betting section
  • The casino offers an extensive pool of bonuses
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Live Roulette Online Casino Vs Online Roulette Game

The game of roulette is the same, the rules don’t change whether you choose to play roulette online or live. However, players who are after the thrill and a special kind of stir can try out the live version.

Play roulette online when you want to have a quiet experience and compete against yourself. Go for live roulette casinos to remind yourself of the feeling you would get if you were playing at a land-based casino. The dealers are charming, friendly and always ready to help. The best casinos in India offer HD versions, with the games being streamed from some of the best studios in the world at multi-angles.

You will see several tables in the back, as other dealers are attending to other players. You get to enjoy the buzz and hype of online live roulette but from the location of your choice on mobile.

Conclusion - Why Play Roulette Online?

  • There are many types of bonuses to take advantage of as you enjoy the game.
  • The online roulette game real money comes in the form of many variants which means more fun.
  • Play roulette online to enjoy side bets that stir up your game even more.
  • Playing roulette online at reputable casinos is safe and secure.
  • You can play roulette online anytime and from anywhere.
  • Unlike land-based casinos, roulette online gives you a chance to play in demo mode or for free.
  • In live roulette, you get to meet and chat with dealers and other players.
  • Online roulette allows you to see and analyze the history of the game, unlike land-based casinos.
  • Playing roulette online comes with other pros like loyalty points, VIP treatment, and other interesting promotions depending on your casino of choice.


Here are the most common roulette questions by both beginner and regular casino players.

📱 Can I Play Roulette On My Mobile?

Yes. Most roulette games at reputable India online casinos are compatible with mobile.

⚖️ Is Online Roulette For Real Money Gambling Legal?

Yes, in licensed casinos.

🎯 Where Can I Get Free Roulette Spins?

You can play roulette online without using your money, using bonuses.

🖩 What Is A Roulette Calculator?

It is an online tool that helps you figure out the best roulette bet to place depending on your bankroll.

💰 Are Online Roulette Games For Real Money A Scam?

As long as you are playing at licensed casinos, it is not a scam.