Play Online Roulette for Real Money in Indian Casinos

Roulette may be one of the oldest casino games around but it’s still as relevant as ever. Today, online casinos can’t be considered complete without offering at least one variant of this popular game. Players are always looking for online roulette for real money and operators are more than happy to accommodate these requests. You can easily find colorful variants of the game, from European to its American counterpart. There are even several live dealer versions of roulette and mobile roulette real money games.

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So what makes this classic table and wheel game popular?

For many players and enthusiasts, the appeal of the table game lies in the simplicity of the rules.

Roulette is a game of luck so there are no specific strategies guarantee winnings. You bet on an outcome, the croupier spins the wheel, and you wait for the result. The game is colorful, simple, and easy to play. However, the use of some tips and strategies is still recommended. It may not assure you of winnings but it can protect you from excessive losses. So before you play this game in top Indian casinos, make sure you know the game basics from design to rules.

Online Roulette for Real Money

Know the Rules for Online Casino Roulette Real Money 

This game is best known for its two elements: the wheel and the table. The roulette wheel consists of numbered pockets wherein the ball will fall into. On the wheel, you’ll find numbers designed in alternating colors, in black and red. The table, on the other hand, displays the different bets that you can play. In brick-and-mortar casinos, you place your bets on the real roulette table.

Online roulette for real money comes with standardized rules regardless of the variant. The ultimate goal is to predict the number in which the roulette ball will stop. Before you play in real roulette money betting, you should identify first your bankroll. Also, keep in mind some casino rules that govern the game and the betting rounds. Before the start of the game, all bets should be placed. When the betting session closes, you will not be allowed to add a bet, change, or remove your current bet.

The roulette wheel is spun and eventually slows down over time. When the ball lands on your chosen number, the dealer pays out. Otherwise, those lost chips are taken by the dealer. In this game, you can place your money on a single number, a group of numbers, or a color. A complete discussion of the bet types follows below.

Variants of Roulette Online 

Another reason for its popularity is the availability of game variants. Here’s a look at the different variants of the game you can play at top Indian casinos.

  • European Roulette. Just by looking at the wheel, it is easy to determine if you are playing the European or the American variant. The European Roulette version offers better odds of winning than the American variant. The European roulette wheel consists of pockets numbered from 1-36 and a single zero (0). It comes with a house edge of 2.7%, the best among the popular variants of the game. If you want to play roulette for real money, European roulette can give you better odds.
  • American Roulette. The American variant has pockets numbered from 1-36, 0, and 00. This game comes with a house edge of 5.26%. This is due to the placement of an extra slot for ‘00’. The game’s payout is 94.74% which is slightly lower compared to the European version with 97.3%.
  • French Roulette. French Roulette is another variant of roulette and offers a slight difference from other versions. Just like the European, it only has a single zero. It also offers the same payout percentage and the same betting types available. The only difference is the La Partage rule. In this rule, you will only lose half of your bet if the ball lands on zero and you placed an outside bet.

For a more challenging experience, you can also rely on the live roulette real money games. In live casino format, you play with professional croupiers in real-time. In live roulette, you will use colored chips to easily distinguish your bet from others. Once all bets are placed at a given time, the croupier will announce that there are no more bets accepted. The ball will land slowly and eventually touches the winning number. Then, the croupier announces the winning number and winning bets.

Online Roulette for Real Money

Types of Roulette Bets 

Before you risk your money, you have to be familiar with the different types of bets. Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, choosing a suitable bet type is beneficial. There are two common types of bets for online roulette for real money: the Inside and Outside Bets.  Discussed below are specific types of bets within these two popular bet types. 

Inside Bets 

When you place your bet on the number itself, you are playing with inside bets. Here, you get a payout when the roulette ball falls exactly into a specific number or small group of numbers. Described below are the common types of inside bets. 

  • Straight. You place your bets on a specific number from 1-36, 0, or 00. The inclusion of single and double zero in each variant is the only difference when betting. 
  • Split. This bet allows you to choose one from the two adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel.
  • Corner. You will choose a group of corner numbers that will appear in the next spin
  • Six Line. This bet is placed on two adjacent lines. To make this bet, the chip should be on the outside corner of two lines. 
  • Street. To place this bet, you should choose three consecutive numbers within the same line.
  • Trio. This consists of three numbers including the 0 and 00. So if you bet on two numbers, you can only choose one from the zero pockets. 
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Outside Bets 

This type of bet is placed on the outside of the number field covering a bigger group of numbers. The most common outside bets you can place with roulette with real money are the following:

  • Column. You can bet on the ball to land on a certain number in a specific column. 
  • Dozen. Bet divides the table layout into three sections by dozen. You can choose from one of the three dozen found on the layout. 
  • Red or Black. You bet that the winning number is colored red or black. 
  • Odd or Even.  Bet on whether the next winning number will be even or odd 
  • High or Low. Bet on whether the next winning number is high or low. If the ball falls on from 1 to 18 and you bet Low, then you get a payout. If the winning number is equal or higher than 19, you lose your bet. 

Play at Best Indian Casinos 

If you’re planning to play online roulette for real money, make sure you review first the basic rules and bet types. Although this game comes with basic rules, an understanding of bet types is still critical to your success.

Before you play, make sure you set a betting strategy. Always identify a bankroll and start betting using small amounts. There are several betting strategies you can play like the Martingale or the Labouchere betting arrangements. Whatever approach you choose, make sure you play within the budget. Finally, play online roulette real money India games only in fully licensed and reputable casinos. Always check the licensing, certification, and the variety of roulette variants available. Also, it pays if you play online roulette for real money in an Indian site that offers 24/7 technical support coverage. Once you consider all these factors, the best online roulette for real money experience will just follow.


💰 Can I play roulette online for real money?

Yes, you can play online roulette and win real money. The only thing you have to do is pick a trusted online casino and signup. You can also take advantage of the bonuses the casinos are offering for new players.

🤔 Is online roulette rigged?

No. If you are playing in licensed and regulated online casinos you have nothing to worry about. Online casinos are audited and their games are tested for fairness very often.

🎁 Can I use the casino bonus money to play online roulette?

You will have to read the terms and conditions in regards to the bonus and the wagering requirements. Most online casinos allow players to use the bonus funds to play roulette and other table games and online slots.