A Detailed Guide to Sic Bo - Rules and Where to Play

Sic bo is a game of chance of ancient Chinese origin that involves predicting the outcome of three dices. Unlike other casino games, it is straightforward, comes with unique features, as well as fantastic gameplay.

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Sic Bo - Rules of the Game

Sic Bo is also known as tai sai, dai siu, hi-lo, or big and small, the very meaning of sic bo is precious dice. While terms such as dai siu and dai sai mean “big or small”. Just like the gameplay, the sic bo casino game comes with comprehensible rules. Players have a task to come up with the possible combinations. Their betting options depend on two broad categories:

  • The specific number that appears on each die
  • The sum of the dice

From there, they can decide to wager on several types of bets, and that is what brings about:

Combination bets

The combination bet is one of the popular types of bets. It is where gamers get to predict two numbers that will appear on any of the three dice.

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Triple bets

Unlike the combination bet, triple bets require players to bet on a specific number showing on all the three dice. The bet usually comes with a payout of 180:1.

Double combination

Gamers can also opt for double combination types of bets. These bets require players to predict the chances of a die showing a specific number twice.

Single bets

Players who don’t want to take huge risks tend to go for single bets. These bet types involve predicting a certain number showing at least once on the dice. The winning prize depends on the number of dice that will display the chosen number.

sic bo online

Sic Bo Strategies & Tips on How to Win

For players to maximize their chances of winning while playing sic bo, they have to be strategic in their gameplay. One of the most essential sic bo strategies to remember is bankroll management. That is because the game can be quite addictive. That means without managing the bankroll; it can lead to unwarranted losses.

Another sic bo betting strategy is to opt for big or small types of bets. These bets usually come with low risks. That is why the payouts tend to be less. Participants should thus consider placing multiple but not too many bets on a single toss.

Lastly, online gamers can try D’Alembert rule. It states that every time a player loses, he or she should double the bet. That means in case of a win; you get to recover the loss. By applying each of the above sic bo strategies to win, players can get to decrease loss and increase profitability.

Practice - Sic Bo Demo & Free Games

Despite online sic bo casino being a simple game, it requires constant practice for a better understanding of the gameplay. The good news is that there are various demos online that can help enthusiasts understand the game. Players can use these free games to avoid wasting cash and gain experience.

After all, the combination of incredible gameplay with a good sic bo winning strategy is a perfect gaming tool. It is going to see players make appropriate decisions that will minimize risks and maximize profitability.

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Variants Of Sic Bo

Operators usually have different variants of the game. The variants tend to have similar gameplay with few varying features that make them unique. Anyone who wants to play online sic bo will have to choose between:

Evolution Gaming Variant

The Evolution variant comes with a striking appearance and fantastic feel. It involves the conventional betting options with distinct multipliers that go up to x1000. Before shaking the dice, more multipliers come to play, thus making the whole experience quite a thrill.

Playtech Variant

There is also another online sic bo casino variant referred to as the Playtech variant. Unlike other variants, the Playtech option allows players to switch the animation mode on or off. But the significant feature is that gamers get the lowest betting chip out of 3.

Microgaming Variant

Enthusiasts can also enjoy the Microgaming style, which has a distinct layout, including a unique placement of the controls. What makes this variant one of the best is that gamers get access to a clear screen with multiple options. Among the available controls is the roll, clear, and repeat buttons.

sic bo

Live Dealer V Online Casino Game

Due to technological advancement, online sic bo is now available in two versions. There is the online casino version and the live version. These two come with similar gameplay but different features and feels. The live sic bo online games are much more interactive. That is because they involve a real dealer whose task is to roll the dice. The live dealers make the game immersive and more fun than regular online versions of the games.

Where to Play And Why - The Best Online Casinos

There are so many sites where gamers can enjoy sic bo casino games. But only a few online casinos can provide the ultimate feel and experience. Some of the most highly rated sites to include:


One of the best places to enjoy live casino sic bo, and other games is Dafabet. The site is impressive and comes with a remarkable theme. It also features an incredible but simple design for easy navigation. Dafabet provides an incredible platform where enthusiasts can immerse and get a thrilling experience throughout their gaming session.


Providing a professional site that offers some of the best gaming interfaces, 10Cric is a unique and appealing online casino. The controls are incredible and responsive, making it easy to gain control of the game. Every inclusion made in the site is after improving the overall experience.

888 Casino

Unlike many casinos, 888 casino features an interactive and high-quality interface which suits different kinds of gamers. The casino has a unique landscape that makes it easy to access various types of live casino sic bo games.

Conclusion - Why Play Sic Bo Online?

Sic bo is an incredible dice game with fantastic features that make it exciting to play. Despite its smooth gameplay, one requires skills and knowledge for them to maximize their winning chances. Sic bo payouts, on the other hand, depend on the bet types, odds, and the stake that the players place. It also involves a better understanding of the rules. Every gamer has an equal chance to win or lose. Enthusiasts should also know that for an excellent gaming experience, they require a unique casino with appealing features.


⚖️ Is Playing Sic Bo Legal In India?

Yes, it is legal in India. To access the different variants, you only need a reputable casino site.

🥇 What is the best site to play Sic Bo Casino for real money?

The best site to play for real money is 10 Cric. That is because it comes with a professional interface and incredible themes. Not forgetting it’s also easy to navigate and access different pages.

📱 Can I Play From My Mobile?

Yes, you can play the game on your mobile phone. Meaning you’re free to play on the go, making it one of few games that don’t limit online players.

💰 Is there a bonus to play Sic Bo in online casinos?

Currently, there are no bonuses. But it is crucial to keep up with casinos just in case a promotion pops up.

🎲 Is Sic Bo Online Rigged?

No, the gameplay is pure luck and fair to all players.